Lawrence F Solomon, SVP & Chief People Officer

EPAM 7,365 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Lawrence F Solomon is at least $2,581,948.05. Lawrence F Solomon owns over 7,365 units of EPAM Systems, Inc. stock worth over $2,581,948.05.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
17th October 2020EPAM - EPAM Systems, Inc.464Payment by withholding7,365$350.57$162,664.48$2,581,948.05
24th March 2019EPAM - EPAM Systems, Inc.368Payment by withholding9,397$164.26$60,447.68$1,543,551.22
23rd March 2019EPAM - EPAM Systems, Inc.287Payment by withholding9,765$164.26$47,142.62$1,603,998.90
29th March 2019EPAM - EPAM Systems, Inc.2,606Grant/award etc.12,003$0.00
17th October 2019EPAM - EPAM Systems, Inc.326Payment by withholding11,677$189.20$61,679.20$2,209,288.40
12th November 2019EPAM - EPAM Systems, Inc.3,640Open or private sale8,037$197.67$719,526.08$1,588,689.86
12th November 2019EPAM - EPAM Systems, Inc.4,322Open or private sale11,677$197.67$854,338.38$2,308,215.94
12th November 2019EPAM - EPAM Systems, Inc.4,322Exercise of derivative15,999$64.63$279,330.86$1,034,015.37
24th March 2020EPAM - EPAM Systems, Inc.368Payment by withholding7,383$178.31$65,618.08$1,316,462.73
23rd March 2020EPAM - EPAM Systems, Inc.286Payment by withholding7,751$168.01$48,050.86$1,302,245.51
29th March 2020EPAM - EPAM Systems, Inc.231Payment by withholding9,447$175.22$40,475.82$1,655,303.34
27th March 2020EPAM - EPAM Systems, Inc.2,295Grant/award etc.9,678$0.00
28th May 2020EPAM - EPAM Systems, Inc.1,618Open or private sale7,829$234.45$379,336.06$1,835,489.48
1st September 2020EPAM - EPAM Systems, Inc.4,322Open or private sale7,829$327.94$1,417,356.68$2,567,442.26
1st September 2020EPAM - EPAM Systems, Inc.4,322Exercise of derivative12,151$64.63$279,330.86$785,319.13