Denver Lough

COOL 7,206,448 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Denver Lough is at least $10,016,962.72. Denver Lough owns over 7,206,448 units of stock worth over $10,016,962.72.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd March 2021COOL - 3,113Payment by withholding7,206,448$1.39$4,327.07$10,016,962.72
1st March 2021COOL - 11,112Exercise of derivative7,209,561$0.00
5th January 2021COOL - 3,511Payment by withholding7,190,400$0.75$2,633.25$5,392,800.00
4th January 2021COOL - 11,111Exercise of derivative7,193,911$0.00
2nd December 2020COOL - 4,942Payment by withholding7,182,800$0.69$3,409.98$4,956,132.00
1st December 2020COOL - 11,111Exercise of derivative7,187,742$0.00
2nd November 2020COOL - 5,258Payment by withholding7,176,631$0.93$4,889.94$6,674,266.83
1st November 2020COOL - 11,111Exercise of derivative7,181,889$0.00
2nd October 2020COOL - 3,301Payment by withholding7,170,778$1.02$3,367.02$7,314,193.56
1st October 2020COOL - 11,111Exercise of derivative7,174,079$0.00
20th March 2019COOL - 8,206Payment by withholding7,146,794$12.52$102,739.12$89,477,860.88
4th October 2019COOL - 5,075Payment by withholding7,341,719$3.15$15,986.25$23,126,414.85
6th November 2019COOL - 4,815Payment by withholding7,336,904$2.90$13,963.50$21,277,021.60
3rd December 2019COOL - 5,107Payment by withholding7,331,797$3.12$15,933.84$22,875,206.64
3rd January 2020COOL - 3,734Payment by withholding7,093,757$2.68$10,007.12$19,011,268.76
3rd January 2020COOL - 11,111Exercise of derivative7,097,491$0.00
16th January 2020COOL - 0Payment by withholding0$4.14$0.00$0.00
16th January 2020COOL - 10,000Open or private sale0$4.17$41,700.00$0.00
16th January 2020COOL - 10,000Exercise of derivative10,000$3.12$31,200.00$31,200.00
4th February 2020COOL - 3,712Payment by withholding7,104,890$3.21$11,915.52$22,806,696.90
4th February 2020COOL - 11,111Exercise of derivative7,108,602$0.00
3rd March 2020COOL - 3,234Payment by withholding7,112,767$1.36$4,398.24$9,673,363.12
3rd March 2020COOL - 11,111Exercise of derivative7,116,001$0.00
2nd April 2020COOL - 3,203Payment by withholding7,120,675$0.96$3,074.88$6,835,848.00
2nd April 2020COOL - 11,111Exercise of derivative7,123,878$0.00
4th May 2020COOL - 3,203Payment by withholding7,128,448$0.92$2,946.76$6,558,172.16
1st May 2020COOL - 11,111Exercise of derivative7,131,786$0.00
2nd June 2020COOL - 3,185Payment by withholding7,136,375$1.04$3,312.40$7,421,830.00
1st June 2020COOL - 11,112Exercise of derivative7,139,560$0.00
2nd July 2020COOL - 3,252Payment by withholding7,147,419$1.27$4,130.04$9,077,222.13
1st July 2020COOL - 11,111Exercise of derivative7,150,671$0.00
4th August 2020COOL - 3,194Payment by withholding7,155,336$1.61$5,142.34$11,520,090.96
3rd August 2020COOL - 11,111Exercise of derivative7,158,530$0.00
2nd September 2020COOL - 3,479Payment by withholding7,162,968$1.09$3,792.11$7,807,635.12
1st September 2020COOL - 11,111Exercise of derivative7,166,447$0.00