Lionel Bonnot, See Remarks

SITM 140,890 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Lionel Bonnot is at least $4,392,950.20. Lionel Bonnot owns over 140,890 units of SITIME Corp stock worth over $4,392,950.20.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
25th November 2019SITM - SITIME Corp141,200Grant/award etc.141,200$0.00
21st January 2020SITM - SITIME Corp2,259Grant/award etc.143,459$0.00
20th February 2020SITM - SITIME Corp2,569Payment by withholding140,890$31.18$80,101.42$4,392,950.20
20th May 2020SITM - SITIME Corp2,442Payment by withholding138,448$32.52$79,413.84$4,502,328.96
26th May 2020SITM - SITIME Corp1,918Open or private sale133,830$35.00$67,130.00$4,684,050.00
26th May 2020SITM - SITIME Corp2,700Open or private sale135,748$33.46$90,342.00$4,542,128.08
1st June 2020SITM - SITIME Corp2,700Open or private sale131,130$29.40$79,380.00$3,855,222.00
3rd June 2020SITM - SITIME Corp113Open or private sale131,017$35.00$3,955.00$4,585,595.00
5th June 2020SITM - SITIME Corp1,678Open or private sale129,339$35.00$58,730.00$4,526,865.00
27th July 2020SITM - SITIME Corp5,160Grant/award etc.134,499$0.00
24th August 2020SITM - SITIME Corp1,720Open or private sale130,994$67.29$115,738.80$8,814,586.26
21st August 2020SITM - SITIME Corp1,785Open or private sale132,714$64.83$115,721.55$8,603,848.62
25th August 2020SITM - SITIME Corp6,588Open or private sale124,406$65.02$428,351.76$8,088,878.12