Thomas Gerard Ondrof, Executive VP and CFO

ARMK 62,394.674 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Thomas Gerard Ondrof is at least $2,384,100.49. Thomas Gerard Ondrof owns over 62,394.674 units of Aramark stock worth over $2,384,100.49.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
7th January 2021ARMK - Aramark853Payment by withholding62,394.674$38.21$32,593.13$2,384,100.49
7th January 2020ARMK - Aramark9,181Grant/award etc.17,681$0.00
27th February 2020ARMK - Aramark28.321Grant/award etc.17,709.321$0.00
8th May 2020ARMK - Aramark10,000Open or private purchase27,709.321$24.99$249,908.00$692,478.10
2nd June 2020ARMK - Aramark38.17Grant/award etc.27,747.491$0.00
2nd September 2020ARMK - Aramark35.125Grant/award etc.27,782.616$0.00
4th September 2020ARMK - Aramark35,336Grant/award etc.63,118.616$0.00