Dheeraj Pandey, CEO and Chairman

NTNX 61,628 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Dheeraj Pandey is at least $1,955,456.44. Dheeraj Pandey owns over 61,628 units of Nutanix, Inc. stock worth over $1,955,456.44.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
16th December 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.9,330Open or private sale61,628$31.73$296,040.90$1,955,456.44
15th December 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.6,250Exercise of derivative70,958$0.00
15th December 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.12,500Exercise of derivative64,708$0.00
7th October 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.302,228Open or private sale0$21.56$6,516,035.68$0.00
6th October 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.281,837Open or private sale302,228$22.02$6,206,050.74$6,655,060.56
5th October 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.98,220Open or private sale584,065$22.11$2,171,644.20$12,913,677.15
5th October 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.682,285Other acquisition or disposition682,285$0.00
16th September 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.8,148Open or private sale52,208$22.84$186,100.32$1,192,430.72
18th March 2019NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.6,585Payment by withholding230,586$38.47$253,299.93$8,869,767.19
15th March 2019NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.6,250Exercise of derivative237,171$0.00
15th March 2019NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.12,500Exercise of derivative230,921$0.00
15th September 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.6,250Exercise of derivative60,356$0.00
15th September 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.12,500Exercise of derivative54,106$0.00
10th April 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.267Exercise of derivative267$0.00
15th June 2019NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.6,250Exercise of derivative249,336$0.00
15th June 2019NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.12,500Exercise of derivative243,086$0.00
17th June 2019NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.7,622Payment by withholding241,714$25.97$197,943.34$6,277,312.58
15th September 2019NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.6,250Exercise of derivative260,464$0.00
15th September 2019NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.12,500Exercise of derivative254,214$0.00
16th September 2019NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.9,489Open or private sale250,975$26.71$253,428.42$6,702,939.91
9th October 2019NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.10,000Bona fide gift135,682$0.00
9th October 2019NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.10,000Other acquisition or disposition145,682$0.00
29th November 2019NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.21,335Open or private sale135,682$37.18$793,309.97$5,045,131.65
29th November 2019NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.40,260Open or private sale157,017$36.66$1,475,867.18$5,755,991.99
29th November 2019NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.13,900Open or private sale197,277$35.55$494,163.07$7,013,453.81
27th November 2019NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.39,798Open or private sale211,177$35.07$1,395,715.86$7,405,977.39
15th December 2019NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.6,250Exercise of derivative154,432$0.00
15th December 2019NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.12,500Exercise of derivative148,182$0.00
16th December 2019NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.9,688Open or private sale144,744$32.19$311,856.72$4,659,309.36
2nd January 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.115,293Open or private sale29,451$31.89$3,676,578.48$939,162.94
15th March 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.6,250Exercise of derivative48,201$0.00
15th March 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.12,500Exercise of derivative41,951$0.00
16th March 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.7,641Open or private sale40,560$12.61$96,353.01$511,461.60
8th April 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.1,073Exercise of derivative1,340$0.00
15th June 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.6,250Exercise of derivative59,310$0.00
15th June 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.12,500Exercise of derivative53,060$0.00
16th June 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.6,576Open or private sale52,734$23.12$152,022.65$1,219,094.07
1st September 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.11,128Open or private sale41,606$27.96$311,192.29$1,163,503.47
1st September 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.338,872Open or private sale0$28.39$9,619,220.59$0.00
1st September 2020NTNX - Nutanix, Inc.330,835Other acquisition or disposition338,872$0.00