Alessandro Maselli, President & COO

CTLT 17,209 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Alessandro Maselli is at least $985,387.34. Alessandro Maselli owns over 17,209 units of Catalent, Inc. stock worth over $985,387.34.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
22nd July 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.2,549Grant/award etc.18,193$0.00
26th July 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.984Payment by withholding17,209$57.26$56,343.84$985,387.34
22nd August 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.5,466Payment by withholding23,369$55.24$301,941.84$1,290,903.56
22nd August 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.11,626Grant/award etc.28,835$0.00
9th September 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.3,299Payment by withholding20,070$52.48$173,131.52$1,053,273.60
16th December 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.7,268Open or private sale12,802$53.18$386,512.24$680,810.36
9th April 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.315Grant/award etc.13,117$56.46$17,784.90$740,585.82
24th July 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.940Payment by withholding12,177$81.64$76,741.60$994,130.28
30th July 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.2,838Grant/award etc.15,015$0.00
27th August 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.178Payment by withholding19,766$87.71$15,612.38$1,733,675.86
27th August 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.378Grant/award etc.19,944$0.00
27th August 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.4,039Payment by withholding19,566$87.71$354,260.69$1,716,133.86
27th August 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.8,590Grant/award etc.23,605$0.00