William R Bowman, VP & Pres -Instrumentation Grp

PH 450 shares

The estimated Net Worth of William R Bowman is at least $77,318.10. William R Bowman owns over 450 units of Parker-Hannifin Corp. stock worth over $77,318.10.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
13th February 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.875Open or private sale450$171.82$150,340.75$77,318.10
26th April 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.1,716Payment by withholding4,067$182.02$312,346.32$740,275.34
26th April 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.5,333Grant/award etc.5,783$0.00
11th June 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.825Sale back to the issuer3,242$168.41$138,934.13$545,969.01
12th September 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.830Open or private sale2,412$182.69$151,630.63$440,642.25
19th December 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.145Bona fide gift145$0.00
19th December 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.290Bona fide gift2,122$0.00
5th February 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.1,904Open or private sale2,122$208.83$397,616.13$443,141.50
5th February 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.2,606Payment by withholding4,016$208.66$543,767.96$837,978.56
5th February 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.4,510Exercise of derivative6,622$81.86$369,188.60$542,076.92
27th April 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.2,491Payment by withholding5,699$134.95$336,160.45$769,080.05
27th April 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.6,068Grant/award etc.8,190$0.00
2nd September 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.1,257Open or private sale5,699$212.13$266,647.41$1,208,928.87
2nd September 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.3,393Payment by withholding6,956$212.08$719,587.44$1,475,228.48
2nd September 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.4,650Exercise of derivative10,349$106.18$493,737.00$1,098,856.82