Ajmere Dale, Chief Accounting Officer

SQ 37,834 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Ajmere Dale is at least $8,234,191.76. Ajmere Dale owns over 37,834 units of Square, Inc. stock worth over $8,234,191.76.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st January 2021SQ - Square, Inc.930Payment by withholding37,834$217.64$202,405.20$8,234,191.76
1st October 2020SQ - Square, Inc.1,276Payment by withholding38,854$168.49$214,993.24$6,546,510.46
1st January 2019SQ - Square, Inc.511Payment by withholding82,033$56.09$28,661.99$4,601,230.97
1st March 2019SQ - Square, Inc.2,801Payment by withholding77,184$77.46$216,965.46$5,978,672.64
28th February 2019SQ - Square, Inc.2,048Open or private sale79,985$80.00$163,840.00$6,398,800.00
4th March 2019SQ - Square, Inc.2,658Open or private sale74,526$74.98$199,296.84$5,587,959.48
1st April 2019SQ - Square, Inc.433Payment by withholding74,093$76.32$33,046.56$5,654,777.76
24th April 2019SQ - Square, Inc.5,292Grant/award etc.79,385$0.00
3rd June 2019SQ - Square, Inc.800Open or private sale73,896$61.61$49,288.00$4,552,732.56
3rd June 2019SQ - Square, Inc.1,496Open or private sale74,696$60.46$90,448.16$4,516,120.16
1st June 2019SQ - Square, Inc.3,533Payment by withholding76,192$61.95$218,869.35$4,720,094.40
15th May 2019SQ - Square, Inc.340Grant/award etc.79,725$55.45$18,853.00$4,420,751.25
1st July 2019SQ - Square, Inc.864Payment by withholding73,032$73.20$63,244.80$5,345,942.40
12th July 2019SQ - Square, Inc.4,953Open or private sale68,079$80.00$396,240.00$5,446,320.00
3rd September 2019SQ - Square, Inc.2,048Open or private sale62,002$62.47$127,938.56$3,873,264.94
1st September 2019SQ - Square, Inc.4,029Payment by withholding64,050$61.84$249,153.36$3,960,852.00
1st October 2019SQ - Square, Inc.864Payment by withholding61,138$61.63$53,248.32$3,767,934.94
1st December 2019SQ - Square, Inc.4,029Payment by withholding57,109$69.12$278,484.48$3,947,374.08
1st January 2020SQ - Square, Inc.714Payment by withholding56,395$62.56$44,667.84$3,528,071.20
1st March 2020SQ - Square, Inc.2,806Payment by withholding49,709$83.33$233,823.98$4,142,250.97
28th February 2020SQ - Square, Inc.540Open or private sale52,515$83.29$44,976.60$4,373,974.35
28th February 2020SQ - Square, Inc.900Open or private sale53,055$82.27$74,043.00$4,364,834.85
28th February 2020SQ - Square, Inc.2,140Open or private sale53,955$80.04$171,285.60$4,318,558.20
28th February 2020SQ - Square, Inc.200Open or private sale56,095$78.84$15,768.00$4,422,529.80
28th February 2020SQ - Square, Inc.100Open or private sale56,295$76.77$7,677.00$4,321,767.15
3rd March 2020SQ - Square, Inc.2,619Open or private sale44,671$80.45$210,698.55$3,593,781.95
3rd March 2020SQ - Square, Inc.892Open or private sale47,290$78.85$70,334.20$3,728,816.50
3rd March 2020SQ - Square, Inc.1,127Open or private sale48,182$78.02$87,928.54$3,759,159.64
3rd March 2020SQ - Square, Inc.400Open or private sale49,309$76.95$30,780.00$3,794,327.55
1st April 2020SQ - Square, Inc.604Payment by withholding44,067$46.81$28,273.24$2,062,776.27
21st April 2020SQ - Square, Inc.5,650Grant/award etc.60,824$0.00
21st April 2020SQ - Square, Inc.11,107Grant/award etc.55,174$0.00
1st June 2020SQ - Square, Inc.3,789Payment by withholding57,421$82.72$313,426.08$4,749,865.12
15th May 2020SQ - Square, Inc.386Grant/award etc.61,210$55.00$21,230.00$3,366,550.00
3rd June 2020SQ - Square, Inc.2,206Open or private sale51,315$91.86$202,643.16$4,713,795.90
3rd June 2020SQ - Square, Inc.1,200Open or private sale53,521$91.22$109,464.00$4,882,185.62
3rd June 2020SQ - Square, Inc.2,300Open or private sale54,721$89.99$206,977.00$4,924,342.79
3rd June 2020SQ - Square, Inc.400Open or private sale57,021$88.03$35,212.00$5,019,558.63
19th June 2020SQ - Square, Inc.2,000Open or private sale49,315$100.00$200,000.00$4,931,500.00
1st July 2020SQ - Square, Inc.1,276Payment by withholding48,039$115.90$147,888.40$5,567,720.10
1st September 2020SQ - Square, Inc.4,029Payment by withholding44,010$166.66$671,473.14$7,334,706.60
3rd September 2020SQ - Square, Inc.100Open or private sale40,130$155.70$15,570.00$6,248,241.00
3rd September 2020SQ - Square, Inc.526Open or private sale40,230$154.60$81,319.60$6,219,558.00
3rd September 2020SQ - Square, Inc.1,400Open or private sale40,756$153.51$214,914.00$6,256,453.56
3rd September 2020SQ - Square, Inc.1,154Open or private sale42,156$152.44$175,915.76$6,426,260.64
3rd September 2020SQ - Square, Inc.700Open or private sale43,310$151.46$106,022.00$6,559,732.60