William Charles Taylor

PRCP 13,343 shares

The estimated Net Worth of William Charles Taylor is at least $59,509.78. William Charles Taylor owns over 13,343 units of Perceptron, Inc. stock worth over $59,509.78.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
14th June 2019PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.2,942Grant/award etc.13,343$4.46$13,121.32$59,509.78
3rd September 2019PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.1,777Grant/award etc.15,120$4.50$7,996.50$68,040.00
2nd December 2019PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.2,055Grant/award etc.17,175$4.50$9,247.50$77,287.50
2nd March 2020PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.1,750Grant/award etc.18,925$4.57$7,997.50$86,487.25
1st June 2020PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.2,572Grant/award etc.21,497$3.11$7,998.92$66,855.67
1st September 2020PRCP - Perceptron, Inc.2,318Grant/award etc.23,815$4.26$9,874.68$101,451.90