Christina Ackermann, EVP AND GENERAL COUNSEL

VRX 61,722 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Christina Ackermann is at least $1,531,322.82. Christina Ackermann owns over 61,722 units of stock worth over $1,531,322.82.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
11th July 2019VRX - 3,968Open or private sale61,722$24.81$98,446.08$1,531,322.82
12th August 2019VRX - 3,418Open or private sale50,525$22.45$76,725.56$1,134,159.94
9th August 2019VRX - 7,779Payment by withholding53,943$22.39$174,171.81$1,207,783.77
7th January 2020VRX - 3,360Payment by withholding47,165$29.42$98,851.20$1,387,594.30
20th February 2020VRX - 22,378Payment by withholding59,190$26.46$592,121.88$1,566,167.40
19th February 2020VRX - 42,267Grant/award etc.81,568$0.00
19th February 2020VRX - 7,864Exercise of derivative39,301$0.00
26th February 2020VRX - 19,449Grant/award etc.94,367$0.00
28th February 2020VRX - 3,779Payment by withholding90,588$24.44$92,358.76$2,213,970.72
10th March 2020VRX - 4,390Grant/award etc.96,025$0.00
10th March 2020VRX - 4,390Open or private purchase91,635$18.25$80,105.65$1,672,091.34
9th March 2020VRX - 3,343Payment by withholding87,245$20.96$70,069.28$1,828,655.20
28th August 2020VRX - 28,171Grant/award etc.124,196$0.00
8th March 2019VRX - 3,630Payment by withholding65,690$23.56$85,522.80$1,547,656.40
27th February 2019VRX - 21,310Grant/award etc.69,320$0.00
8th January 2019VRX - 3,446Payment by withholding48,010$21.25$73,227.50$1,020,212.50