John Adam St., President & CEO

VRS 19,871 shares

The estimated Net Worth of John Adam St. is at least $338,403.13. John Adam St. owns over 19,871 units of Verso Corp. stock worth over $338,403.13.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
28th September 2020VRS - Verso Corp.30,807.38Grant/award etc.174,394.38$0.00
28th March 2019VRS - Verso Corp.3,235Grant/award etc.20,087$0.00
28th March 2019VRS - Verso Corp.11,876Grant/award etc.74,864$0.00
29th July 2019VRS - Verso Corp.216Payment by withholding19,871$17.03$3,678.48$338,403.13
29th July 2019VRS - Verso Corp.670Payment by withholding74,194$17.03$11,410.10$1,263,523.82
11th November 2019VRS - Verso Corp.5,623Grant/award etc.79,817$0.00
1st January 2020VRS - Verso Corp.2,194Payment by withholding17,677$18.03$39,557.82$318,716.31
1st January 2020VRS - Verso Corp.7,883Payment by withholding71,934$18.03$142,130.49$1,296,970.02
14th January 2020VRS - Verso Corp.4,663Payment by withholding29,667$16.56$77,219.28$491,285.52
14th January 2020VRS - Verso Corp.22,581Payment by withholding112,912$16.56$373,941.36$1,869,822.72
14th January 2020VRS - Verso Corp.16,653Grant/award etc.34,330$0.00
14th January 2020VRS - Verso Corp.63,559Grant/award etc.135,493$0.00
24th January 2020VRS - Verso Corp.4,345Grant/award etc.34,012$0.00
24th January 2020VRS - Verso Corp.30,675Grant/award etc.143,587$0.00
10th September 2020VRS - Verso Corp.2,808Payment by withholding7,266$0.00
20th May 2020VRS - Verso Corp.18,066Open or private sale15,946$13.89$250,936.74$221,489.94
31st August 2020VRS - Verso Corp.5,872Sale back to the issuer10,074$0.00