Robert J Mears, Chief Technology Officer

ATOM 106,728 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Robert J Mears is at least $397,028.16. Robert J Mears owns over 106,728 units of Atomera, Inc. stock worth over $397,028.16.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
27th February 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.30,769Grant/award etc.107,671$0.00
1st March 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.943Open or private sale106,728$3.72$3,507.96$397,028.16
3rd June 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.531Open or private sale105,430$4.49$2,384.19$473,380.70
3rd June 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.767Open or private sale105,961$4.19$3,213.73$443,976.59
3rd September 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.0Open or private sale2,666$3.88$0.00$10,344.08
3rd September 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.1,422Open or private sale104,008$3.88$5,517.36$403,551.04
2nd December 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.1,421Open or private sale102,587$2.95$4,191.95$302,631.65
2nd March 2020ATOM - Atomera, Inc.1,671Open or private sale100,916$4.23$7,068.33$426,874.68
11th March 2020ATOM - Atomera, Inc.50,240Grant/award etc.151,156$0.00
1st June 2020ATOM - Atomera, Inc.2,295Open or private sale148,861$8.58$19,691.10$1,277,227.38
2nd September 2020ATOM - Atomera, Inc.2,000Open or private sale144,579$11.12$22,240.00$1,607,718.48
1st September 2020ATOM - Atomera, Inc.2,282Open or private sale146,579$12.92$29,483.44$1,893,800.68