Francis Laurencio, See Remarks

ATOM 57,233 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Francis Laurencio is at least $212,906.76. Francis Laurencio owns over 57,233 units of Atomera, Inc. stock worth over $212,906.76.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
27th February 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.30,769Grant/award etc.57,944$0.00
1st March 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.711Open or private sale57,233$3.72$2,644.92$212,906.76
4th June 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.635Open or private sale55,877$4.50$2,857.50$251,446.50
3rd June 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.721Open or private sale56,512$4.19$3,020.99$236,785.28
3rd September 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.1,740Open or private sale54,137$3.88$6,751.20$210,051.56
2nd December 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.1,718Open or private sale52,419$2.95$5,068.10$154,636.05
2nd March 2020ATOM - Atomera, Inc.1,814Open or private sale50,605$4.23$7,673.22$214,059.15
13th March 2020ATOM - Atomera, Inc.9,497Open or private sale80,185$3.05$28,965.85$244,564.25
12th March 2020ATOM - Atomera, Inc.1,503Open or private sale89,682$3.06$4,599.18$274,426.92
11th March 2020ATOM - Atomera, Inc.300Open or private sale91,185$4.21$1,263.00$383,888.85
11th March 2020ATOM - Atomera, Inc.40,880Grant/award etc.91,485$0.00
1st June 2020ATOM - Atomera, Inc.2,729Open or private sale77,456$8.58$23,414.82$664,572.48
2nd September 2020ATOM - Atomera, Inc.1,500Open or private sale73,259$11.13$16,695.00$815,372.67
1st September 2020ATOM - Atomera, Inc.2,697Open or private sale74,759$12.92$34,845.24$965,886.28