Francisco Velasco, EVP, GC and Secretary

PSMT 10,961 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Francisco Velasco is at least $664,017.38. Francisco Velasco owns over 10,961 units of PriceSmart, Inc. stock worth over $664,017.38.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
14th October 2020PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.2,459Grant/award etc.23,424$0.00
12th October 2020PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.4,167Grant/award etc.20,965$0.00
4th April 2019PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.594Payment by withholding10,961$60.58$35,984.52$664,017.38
29th August 2019PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.897Payment by withholding10,064$59.92$53,748.24$603,034.88
16th October 2019PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.1,318Grant/award etc.16,698$0.00
27th September 2019PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.5,316Grant/award etc.15,380$0.00
26th October 2019PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.168Payment by withholding16,530$71.45$12,003.60$1,181,068.50
6th April 2020PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.296Payment by withholding16,234$53.70$15,895.20$871,765.80
20th July 2020PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.2,520Grant/award etc.18,754$0.00
29th August 2020PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.1,956Payment by withholding16,798$66.09$129,272.04$1,110,179.82