Greg D Bertrand, EVP

SYY 39,878.969 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Greg D Bertrand is at least $2,881,255.51. Greg D Bertrand owns over 39,878.969 units of Sysco Corp. stock worth over $2,881,255.51.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
16th August 2019SYY - Sysco Corp.6,455Payment by withholding39,878.969$72.25$466,373.75$2,881,255.51
16th August 2019SYY - Sysco Corp.19,238.675Grant/award etc.46,333.969$0.00
24th September 2019SYY - Sysco Corp.10,000Open or private sale29,878.97$78.81$788,100.00$2,354,761.63
1st November 2019SYY - Sysco Corp.25,000Open or private sale29,878.97$81.06$2,026,500.00$2,421,989.31
1st November 2019SYY - Sysco Corp.25,000Exercise of derivative54,878.97$33.40$835,000.00$1,832,957.60
18th November 2019SYY - Sysco Corp.1,225Open or private sale32,993.97$81.61$99,972.25$2,692,637.89
18th November 2019SYY - Sysco Corp.2,571Exercise of derivative34,218.97$38.89$99,986.19$1,330,775.74
18th November 2019SYY - Sysco Corp.1,225Open or private sale31,647.97$81.61$99,972.25$2,582,790.83
18th November 2019SYY - Sysco Corp.2,994Exercise of derivative32,872.97$33.40$99,999.60$1,097,957.20
20th December 2019SYY - Sysco Corp.47,643Open or private sale30,743.97$85.00$4,049,655.00$2,613,237.45
20th December 2019SYY - Sysco Corp.47,643Exercise of derivative78,386.97$33.40$1,591,276.20$2,618,124.80
17th December 2019SYY - Sysco Corp.2,250Bona fide gift30,743.97$0.00
6th January 2020SYY - Sysco Corp.35,000Open or private sale30,743.97$83.92$2,937,200.00$2,580,033.96
6th January 2020SYY - Sysco Corp.35,000Exercise of derivative65,743.97$38.89$1,361,150.00$2,556,782.99
9th January 2020SYY - Sysco Corp.900Open or private sale30,743.97$85.06$76,554.00$2,615,082.09
9th January 2020SYY - Sysco Corp.900Exercise of derivative31,643.97$38.89$35,001.00$1,230,633.99
10th January 2020SYY - Sysco Corp.2,292Open or private sale30,735.97$85.03$194,888.76$2,613,479.53
10th January 2020SYY - Sysco Corp.2,292Exercise of derivative33,027.97$38.89$89,135.88$1,284,457.75
17th August 2020SYY - Sysco Corp.1,062Payment by withholding32,069.747$59.54$63,231.48$1,909,432.74
17th August 2020SYY - Sysco Corp.2,395.778Grant/award etc.33,131.747$0.00
20th August 2020SYY - Sysco Corp.7,467Grant/award etc.39,536.747$0.00
24th August 2020SYY - Sysco Corp.1,134Open or private sale38,402.747$57.95$65,715.30$2,225,439.19