Cynthia F Leitzell

MLVF 11,996 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Cynthia F Leitzell is at least $252,515.80. Cynthia F Leitzell owns over 11,996 units of Malvern Bancorp, Inc. stock worth over $252,515.80.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
26th February 2019MLVF - Malvern Bancorp, Inc.700Grant/award etc.10,996$0.00
1st March 2019MLVF - Malvern Bancorp, Inc.1,000Open or private purchase11,996$21.05$21,050.00$252,515.80
29th May 2019MLVF - Malvern Bancorp, Inc.428Open or private purchase12,996$20.25$8,667.00$263,169.00
29th May 2019MLVF - Malvern Bancorp, Inc.272Open or private purchase12,568$20.00$5,440.00$251,360.00
28th May 2019MLVF - Malvern Bancorp, Inc.300Open or private purchase12,206$20.00$6,000.00$244,120.00
26th February 2020MLVF - Malvern Bancorp, Inc.700Grant/award etc.13,696$0.00
28th May 2020MLVF - Malvern Bancorp, Inc.1,964Open or private purchase15,696$12.74$25,021.36$199,967.04
27th May 2020MLVF - Malvern Bancorp, Inc.36Open or private purchase13,732$12.31$443.16$169,040.92
1st July 2020MLVF - Malvern Bancorp, Inc.118.142Open or private purchase15,814.142$12.92$1,526.39$204,318.71
3rd August 2020MLVF - Malvern Bancorp, Inc.258.561Open or private purchase16,072.703$12.20$3,154.44$196,086.98
1st September 2020MLVF - Malvern Bancorp, Inc.188.281Open or private purchase16,260.984$12.70$2,391.17$206,514.50