PCAR 10,545.469 shares

The estimated Net Worth of C Michael Dozier is at least $936,543.10. C Michael Dozier owns over 10,545.469 units of PACCAR, Inc. stock worth over $936,543.10.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
6th January 2021PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.82.426Other acquisition or disposition10,545.469$88.81$7,320.25$936,543.10
4th January 2021PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.744Payment by withholding5,872$86.28$64,192.32$506,636.16
1st January 2021PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.1,925Exercise of derivative6,616$0.00
1st September 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.37.788Other acquisition or disposition10,463.043$87.28$3,298.14$913,214.39
4th January 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.311.665Other acquisition or disposition9,432.48$58.53$18,241.75$552,083.05
1st January 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.234Payment by withholding2,718$57.14$13,370.76$155,306.52
1st March 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.259Payment by withholding3,519$67.80$17,560.20$238,588.20
1st March 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.1,060Exercise of derivative3,778$0.00
5th March 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.44.752Other acquisition or disposition9,686.66$67.79$3,033.74$656,658.68
20th May 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.7,756Open or private sale3,519$69.17$536,493.38$243,414.16
20th May 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.7,756Exercise of derivative11,275$43.24$335,369.44$487,531.00
20th May 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.4,882Open or private sale3,519$69.17$337,694.77$243,414.16
20th May 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.4,882Exercise of derivative8,401$50.50$246,541.00$424,250.50
4th June 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.45.596Other acquisition or disposition9,732.26$68.62$3,128.80$667,827.68
4th September 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.47.755Other acquisition or disposition9,780.013$65.46$3,126.04$640,199.65
1st November 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.6,644Open or private sale3,519$77.65$515,911.92$273,253.17
1st November 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.6,644Exercise of derivative10,163$47.81$317,649.64$485,893.03
3rd December 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.39.155Other acquisition or disposition9,819.168$80.09$3,135.92$786,417.17
2nd January 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.234Payment by withholding4,037$79.10$18,509.40$319,326.70
2nd January 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.308Payment by withholding4,271$79.10$24,362.80$337,836.10
1st January 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.1,060Exercise of derivative4,579$0.00
8th January 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.286.323Other acquisition or disposition10,105.491$78.96$22,608.06$797,929.57
1st March 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.211Payment by withholding4,691$66.90$14,115.90$313,827.90
1st March 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.865Exercise of derivative4,902$0.00
3rd March 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.46.843Other acquisition or disposition10,341.186$67.55$3,164.24$698,547.11
2nd June 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.45.297Other acquisition or disposition10,386.728$73.43$3,326.16$762,697.44
24th July 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.6,926Open or private sale4,691$85.40$591,480.40$400,611.40
24th July 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.6,926Exercise of derivative11,617$50.00$346,300.00$580,850.00
24th July 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.5,232Open or private sale4,691$85.40$446,812.80$400,611.40
24th July 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.5,232Exercise of derivative9,923$59.15$309,472.80$586,945.45
1st September 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.38.527Other acquisition or disposition10,425.255$87.05$3,353.78$907,518.45