Anthony R Goland, Chief Innovation Officer

AON 16,668 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Anthony R Goland is at least $2,866,395.96. Anthony R Goland owns over 16,668 units of Aon Plc stock worth over $2,866,395.96.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
15th February 2019AON - Aon Plc266Payment by withholding16,668$171.97$45,744.02$2,866,395.96
15th February 2019AON - Aon Plc633Exercise of derivative16,934$0.00
15th February 2019AON - Aon Plc334Payment by withholding16,301$171.97$57,437.98$2,803,282.97
15th February 2019AON - Aon Plc796Exercise of derivative16,635$0.00
15th February 2019AON - Aon Plc182Payment by withholding15,839$171.97$31,298.54$2,723,832.83
15th February 2019AON - Aon Plc432Exercise of derivative16,021$0.00
14th February 2019AON - Aon Plc11,702Payment by withholding15,589$169.62$1,984,893.24$2,644,206.18
14th February 2019AON - Aon Plc26,405Grant/award etc.27,291$0.00
30th August 2019AON - Aon Plc483Payment by withholding17,292$194.85$94,112.55$3,369,346.20
30th August 2019AON - Aon Plc1,107Exercise of derivative17,775$0.00
5th November 2019AON - Aon Plc1,703Open or private sale15,589$194.79$331,727.37$3,036,581.31
14th February 2020AON - Aon Plc245Payment by withholding31,797$235.73$57,753.85$7,495,506.81
14th February 2020AON - Aon Plc584Exercise of derivative32,042$0.00
14th February 2020AON - Aon Plc266Payment by withholding31,458$235.73$62,704.18$7,415,594.34
14th February 2020AON - Aon Plc633Exercise of derivative31,724$0.00
14th February 2020AON - Aon Plc334Payment by withholding31,091$235.73$78,733.82$7,329,081.43
14th February 2020AON - Aon Plc796Exercise of derivative31,425$0.00
13th February 2020AON - Aon Plc11,968Payment by withholding30,629$234.58$2,807,453.44$7,184,950.82
13th February 2020AON - Aon Plc27,008Grant/award etc.42,597$0.00
18th February 2020AON - Aon Plc15,040Open or private sale16,757$235.00$3,534,400.00$3,937,895.00
1st September 2020AON - Aon Plc476Payment by withholding17,388$202.65$96,461.40$3,523,678.20
1st September 2020AON - Aon Plc1,107Exercise of derivative17,864$0.00