Michael C Harrington, SVP, Global Markets

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The estimated Net Worth of Michael C Harrington is at least $0.00. Michael C Harrington owns over 0 units of Waters Corporation stock worth over $0.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
30th January 2019WAT - Waters Corporation20,000Open or private sale0$230.24$4,604,800.00$0.00
30th January 2019WAT - Waters Corporation20,000Exercise of derivative20,000$98.21$1,964,200.00$1,964,200.00
13th February 2019WAT - Waters Corporation22,400Open or private sale0$234.93$5,262,432.00$0.00
13th February 2019WAT - Waters Corporation22,400Exercise of derivative22,400$113.36$2,539,264.00$2,539,264.00
13th November 2019WAT - Waters Corporation7,871Open or private sale0$213.27$1,678,648.17$0.00
13th November 2019WAT - Waters Corporation7,871Exercise of derivative7,871$117.68$926,259.28$926,259.28
13th November 2019WAT - Waters Corporation15,761Open or private sale0$213.32$3,362,136.52$0.00
13th November 2019WAT - Waters Corporation15,761Exercise of derivative15,761$128.93$2,032,065.73$2,032,065.73
2nd March 2020WAT - Waters Corporation964Payment by withholding2,286$0.00
2nd March 2020WAT - Waters Corporation3,250Grant/award etc.3,250$0.00
24th August 2020WAT - Waters Corporation13,527Open or private sale2,286$215.64$2,916,962.28$492,953.04
24th August 2020WAT - Waters Corporation13,527Exercise of derivative15,813$139.51$1,887,151.77$2,206,071.63
24th August 2020WAT - Waters Corporation5,254Open or private sale2,286$215.88$1,134,233.52$493,501.68
24th August 2020WAT - Waters Corporation5,254Exercise of derivative7,540$128.93$677,398.22$972,132.20
24th August 2020WAT - Waters Corporation5,600Open or private sale2,286$215.91$1,209,096.00$493,570.26
24th August 2020WAT - Waters Corporation5,600Exercise of derivative7,886$113.36$634,816.00$893,956.96