Julie Gruber, Chief Legal&Compliance Officer

GPS 19,824.475 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Julie Gruber is at least $490,259.25. Julie Gruber owns over 19,824.475 units of Gap, Inc. stock worth over $490,259.25.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
16th January 2019GPS - Gap, Inc.7,500Open or private sale19,824.475$24.73$185,475.00$490,259.25
16th January 2019GPS - Gap, Inc.7,500Exercise of derivative27,324.475$11.77$88,275.00$321,609.06
14th March 2019GPS - Gap, Inc.3,429Payment by withholding27,122.308$25.52$87,508.08$692,161.31
14th March 2019GPS - Gap, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative30,551.308$0.00
18th March 2019GPS - Gap, Inc.2,780Payment by withholding32,385.308$25.56$71,056.80$827,768.48
18th March 2019GPS - Gap, Inc.8,043Exercise of derivative35,165.308$0.00
13th May 2019GPS - Gap, Inc.3,286Open or private sale29,099.308$24.00$78,864.00$698,383.40
18th March 2020GPS - Gap, Inc.2,780Payment by withholding40,875.688$7.89$21,934.20$322,509.18
18th March 2020GPS - Gap, Inc.8,044Exercise of derivative43,655.688$0.00
16th March 2020GPS - Gap, Inc.2,642Payment by withholding35,611.688$8.34$22,034.28$297,001.48
16th March 2020GPS - Gap, Inc.7,650Exercise of derivative38,253.688$0.00
11th August 2020GPS - Gap, Inc.29,109.475Open or private sale11,969.93$14.98$436,039.55$179,301.17
25th August 2020GPS - Gap, Inc.9,535Open or private sale2,434.93$16.21$154,562.35$39,470.22