Charles Alpuche, EVP & Chief Operating Officer

PODD 40,039 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Charles Alpuche is at least $11,602,101.03. Charles Alpuche owns over 40,039 units of Insulet Corp. stock worth over $11,602,101.03.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
12th February 2021PODD - Insulet Corp.993Payment by withholding40,039$289.77$287,741.61$11,602,101.03
10th February 2021PODD - Insulet Corp.225Payment by withholding41,032$280.15$63,033.75$11,495,114.80
1st February 2019PODD - Insulet Corp.1,612Payment by withholding41,714$82.53$133,038.36$3,442,656.42
14th February 2019PODD - Insulet Corp.658Payment by withholding41,056$84.83$55,818.14$3,482,780.48
24th February 2019PODD - Insulet Corp.2,417Payment by withholding37,037$87.60$211,729.20$3,244,441.20
22nd February 2019PODD - Insulet Corp.1,602Payment by withholding39,454$87.60$140,335.20$3,456,170.40
26th February 2019PODD - Insulet Corp.6,107Grant/award etc.43,144$0.00
15th May 2019PODD - Insulet Corp.3,900Open or private sale39,244$104.78$408,651.75$4,112,084.43
10th February 2020PODD - Insulet Corp.2,159Grant/award etc.41,692$0.00
14th February 2020PODD - Insulet Corp.674Payment by withholding41,018$212.32$143,103.68$8,708,941.76
21st February 2020PODD - Insulet Corp.6,398Payment by withholding45,438$212.31$1,358,359.38$9,646,941.78
21st February 2020PODD - Insulet Corp.10,818Grant/award etc.51,836$0.00
26th February 2020PODD - Insulet Corp.903Payment by withholding44,535$180.01$162,549.03$8,016,745.35
1st September 2020PODD - Insulet Corp.3,415Open or private sale41,257$220.11$751,675.65$9,081,078.27