PCAR 8,025.97 shares

The estimated Net Worth of R Preston Feight is at least $469,760.02. R Preston Feight owns over 8,025.97 units of PACCAR, Inc. stock worth over $469,760.02.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
4th January 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.265.192Other acquisition or disposition8,025.97$58.53$15,521.69$469,760.02
1st January 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.521Payment by withholding9,845$57.14$29,769.94$562,543.30
6th February 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.4,664Grant/award etc.14,509$65.56$305,771.84$951,210.04
20th February 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.3,226Open or private sale14,509$68.73$221,736.21$997,263.06
20th February 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.3,226Exercise of derivative17,735$50.50$162,913.00$895,617.50
1st March 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.284Payment by withholding14,225$67.80$19,255.20$964,455.00
5th March 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.38.216Other acquisition or disposition8,275.41$67.79$2,590.66$560,990.04
4th June 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.38.953Other acquisition or disposition8,314.36$68.62$2,672.95$570,531.38
4th September 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.40.798Other acquisition or disposition8,355.16$65.46$2,670.64$546,928.77
3rd December 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.33.45Other acquisition or disposition8,388.61$80.09$2,679.01$671,843.77
2nd January 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.797Payment by withholding13,428$79.10$63,042.70$1,062,154.80
8th January 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.244.608Other acquisition or disposition8,633.218$78.96$19,314.25$681,678.89
1st March 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.963Payment by withholding14,911$66.90$64,424.70$997,545.90
1st March 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.2,446Exercise of derivative15,874$0.00
3rd March 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.40.289Other acquisition or disposition8,861.274$67.55$2,721.52$598,579.06
2nd June 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.38.815Other acquisition or disposition8,900.299$73.43$2,850.19$653,548.96
1st September 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.33.014Other acquisition or disposition8,933.313$87.05$2,873.87$777,644.90