PCAR 11,898.63 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Darrin C Siver is at least $696,426.81. Darrin C Siver owns over 11,898.63 units of PACCAR, Inc. stock worth over $696,426.81.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
4th January 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.393.151Other acquisition or disposition11,898.63$58.53$23,011.13$696,426.81
1st January 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.599Payment by withholding16,247$57.14$34,226.86$928,353.58
20th February 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.8,088Open or private sale16,247$68.81$556,494.84$1,117,874.84
20th February 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.8,088Exercise of derivative24,335$47.81$386,687.28$1,163,456.35
1st March 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.548Payment by withholding17,091$67.80$37,154.40$1,158,769.80
1st March 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.1,392Exercise of derivative17,639$0.00
5th March 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.56.423Other acquisition or disposition12,164.84$67.79$3,824.92$824,654.50
21st May 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.5,067Open or private sale18,126$70.10$355,201.77$1,270,650.73
21st May 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.6,102Exercise of derivative23,193$50.50$308,151.00$1,171,246.50
4th June 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.57.261Other acquisition or disposition12,222.1$68.62$3,929.25$838,680.50
4th September 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.59.972Other acquisition or disposition12,282.07$65.46$3,925.77$803,984.30
25th October 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.12,474Open or private sale18,126$77.01$960,564.11$1,395,798.07
25th October 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.12,474Exercise of derivative30,600$50.00$623,700.00$1,530,000.00
3rd December 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.49.171Other acquisition or disposition12,331.241$80.09$3,938.11$987,609.09
2nd January 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.582Payment by withholding18,601$79.10$46,036.20$1,471,339.10
2nd January 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.335Payment by withholding19,183$79.10$26,498.50$1,517,375.30
1st January 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.1,392Exercise of derivative19,518$0.00
8th January 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.359.574Other acquisition or disposition12,690.815$78.96$28,391.96$1,002,066.75
1st March 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.277Payment by withholding19,460$66.90$18,531.30$1,301,874.00
1st March 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.1,136Exercise of derivative19,737$0.00
3rd March 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.58.802Other acquisition or disposition12,938.376$67.55$3,972.08$873,987.30
2nd June 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.56.673Other acquisition or disposition12,995.356$73.43$4,161.50$954,248.99
24th July 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.13,774Open or private sale24,347$86.06$1,185,347.74$2,095,227.34
24th July 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.13,774Exercise of derivative38,121$67.63$931,535.62$2,578,123.23
24th July 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.3,241Open or private sale24,347$86.06$278,910.41$2,095,227.34
24th July 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.8,128Exercise of derivative27,588$62.46$507,674.88$1,723,146.48
24th July 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.9,236Open or private sale19,460$86.06$794,821.53$1,674,667.27
24th July 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.9,236Exercise of derivative28,696$59.15$546,309.40$1,697,368.40
1st September 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.48.204Other acquisition or disposition13,043.56$87.05$4,196.16$1,135,441.90