Eric J. Dugas, SVP Finance, Controller & CAO

CLH 19,404 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Eric J. Dugas is at least $1,416,297.96. Eric J. Dugas owns over 19,404 units of Clean Harbors, Inc. stock worth over $1,416,297.96.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
15th December 2020CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.116Payment by withholding19,404$72.99$8,466.84$1,416,297.96
27th November 2020CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.3,111Open or private sale19,520$74.65$232,236.15$1,457,168.00
1st February 2019CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.689Payment by withholding21,158$58.85$40,547.65$1,245,148.30
13th March 2019CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.1,015Sale back to the issuer20,143$0.00
15th March 2019CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.145Payment by withholding19,998$68.74$9,967.30$1,374,662.52
1st April 2019CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.294Payment by withholding19,704$72.00$21,168.00$1,418,688.00
3rd June 2019CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.122Payment by withholding19,582$64.12$7,822.64$1,255,597.84
1st July 2019CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.1,326Grant/award etc.22,676$0.00
1st July 2019CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.1,768Grant/award etc.21,350$0.00
1st August 2019CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.442Payment by withholding22,234$75.98$33,583.16$1,689,339.32
4th September 2019CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.2,034Open or private sale22,200$73.85$150,210.90$1,639,470.00
1st September 2019CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.2,000Grant/award etc.24,234$0.00
1st November 2019CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.491Payment by withholding21,709$81.89$40,207.99$1,777,750.01
5th November 2019CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.1,176Open or private sale20,533$82.87$97,455.12$1,701,569.71
15th December 2019CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.168Payment by withholding20,365$83.68$14,058.24$1,704,143.20
3rd February 2020CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.678Payment by withholding19,687$82.22$55,745.16$1,618,665.14
15th March 2020CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.61Payment by withholding19,626$54.33$3,314.13$1,066,280.58
1st April 2020CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.1,000Grant/award etc.20,626$0.00
28th May 2020CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.1,200Open or private sale19,426$61.78$74,136.00$1,200,138.28
1st June 2020CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.41Payment by withholding19,385$60.78$2,491.98$1,178,220.30
1st July 2020CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.2,287Grant/award etc.23,387$0.00
1st July 2020CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.1,715Grant/award etc.21,100$0.00
1st July 2020CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.119Payment by withholding23,268$58.30$6,937.70$1,356,524.40
1st August 2020CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.441Payment by withholding22,827$59.60$26,283.60$1,360,489.20
1st September 2020CLH - Clean Harbors, Inc.196Open or private sale22,631$60.00$11,760.00$1,357,860.00