Peter John Sacripanti

CTXS 14,248.77 shares
LOGM 0 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Peter John Sacripanti is at least $1,302,337.58. Peter John Sacripanti owns over 14,248.77 units of Citrix Systems, Inc. stock worth over $1,302,337.58.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
25th September 2020CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.35.49Grant/award etc.13,849.19$0.00
22nd March 2019CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.43.932Grant/award etc.17,390.612$0.00
30th May 2019LOGM - LogMeIn, Inc.2,451Exercise of derivative7,124$0.00
30th May 2019LOGM - LogMeIn, Inc.2,223Exercise of derivative4,673$0.00
21st June 2019CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.42.315Grant/award etc.17,432.927$0.00
1st July 2019CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.2,541Grant/award etc.19,973.927$0.00
2nd July 2019CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.0.843Grant/award etc.19,974.77$0.00
14th August 2019CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.5,726Open or private sale14,248.77$91.40$523,356.40$1,302,337.58
10th September 2019LOGM - LogMeIn, Inc.7,124Open or private sale0$70.00$498,680.00$0.00
20th September 2019CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.50.627Grant/award etc.14,299.397$0.00
26th November 2019CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.637Open or private sale13,662.397$114.24$72,770.88$1,560,792.23
2nd December 2019CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.213Open or private sale13,449.397$112.48$23,958.24$1,512,788.17
20th December 2019CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.42.353Grant/award etc.13,491.75$0.00
3rd January 2020CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.213Open or private sale13,278.75$110.57$23,551.41$1,468,231.39
3rd February 2020CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.214Open or private sale13,064.75$121.09$25,913.26$1,582,010.58
2nd March 2020CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.213Open or private sale12,851.75$104.06$22,164.78$1,337,353.11
20th March 2020CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.37.665Grant/award etc.12,889.415$0.00
2nd April 2020CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.214Open or private sale12,675.415$137.86$29,502.04$1,747,432.71
4th May 2020CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.213Open or private sale12,462.415$143.42$30,548.46$1,787,359.56
30th May 2020LOGM - LogMeIn, Inc.3,161Exercise of derivative3,161$0.00
2nd June 2020CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.213Open or private sale12,249.415$145.90$31,076.70$1,787,189.65
19th June 2020CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.29.626Grant/award etc.12,279.041$0.00
1st July 2020CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.1,749Grant/award etc.14,028.7$0.00
2nd July 2020CTXS - Citrix Systems, Inc.215Open or private sale13,813.7$150.00$32,250.00$2,072,055.00
31st August 2020LOGM - LogMeIn, Inc.3,161Sale back to the issuer0$0.00