Debra Stefaniak, VP, Business Enablement

SCL 2,555.314 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Debra Stefaniak is at least $235,829.93. Debra Stefaniak owns over 2,555.314 units of Stepan Co. stock worth over $235,829.93.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
20th February 2019SCL - Stepan Co.81.636Grant/award etc.2,555.314$92.29$7,534.19$235,829.93
20th February 2019SCL - Stepan Co.3,371Exercise of derivative10,170.196$0.00
4th March 2019SCL - Stepan Co.1,006Payment by withholding9,164.196$93.43$93,990.58$856,210.83
15th March 2019SCL - Stepan Co.200Open or private sale8,964.196$90.10$18,020.00$807,674.06
11th June 2019SCL - Stepan Co.300Open or private sale8,664.196$92.63$27,789.90$802,590.47
28th August 2019SCL - Stepan Co.500Open or private sale8,164.196$94.75$47,375.00$773,557.57
19th February 2020SCL - Stepan Co.899.36Exercise of derivative9,063.556$0.00
24th February 2020SCL - Stepan Co.79.562Grant/award etc.2,018.637$98.37$7,826.51$198,573.32
3rd March 2020SCL - Stepan Co.276Payment by withholding8,787.556$89.55$24,715.80$786,925.64
17th March 2020SCL - Stepan Co.624Open or private sale8,163.556$100.31$62,592.82$818,878.14
5th June 2020SCL - Stepan Co.818Sale back to the issuer8,163.556$102.88$84,155.84$839,866.64
5th June 2020SCL - Stepan Co.818Exercise of derivative8,981.556$42.77$34,981.77$384,096.24
24th August 2020SCL - Stepan Co.453Open or private sale8,163.556$116.34$52,700.66$949,723.61
24th August 2020SCL - Stepan Co.453Exercise of derivative8,616.556$63.11$28,588.83$543,790.85