Robert Harris Schwartz, President and CEO

PDVW 18,681 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Robert Harris Schwartz is at least $787,217.34. Robert Harris Schwartz owns over 18,681 units of pdvWireless, Inc. stock worth over $787,217.34.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
12th February 2019PDVW - pdvWireless, Inc.199Payment by withholding18,681$42.14$8,385.86$787,217.34
9th May 2019PDVW - pdvWireless, Inc.17,000Grant/award etc.35,681$0.00
23rd May 2019PDVW - pdvWireless, Inc.1,203Payment by withholding34,478$44.20$53,172.60$1,523,927.60
19th August 2019PDVW - pdvWireless, Inc.852Payment by withholding33,626$41.99$35,775.48$1,411,955.74
21st February 2020PDVW - pdvWireless, Inc.201Payment by withholding33,425$49.43$9,935.43$1,652,197.75
26th May 2020PDVW - pdvWireless, Inc.4,199Grant/award etc.37,624$0.00
19th August 2020PDVW - pdvWireless, Inc.409Open or private sale37,215$47.03$19,235.68$1,750,258.67
3rd September 2020PDVW - pdvWireless, Inc.6,493Open or private sale40,850$42.70$277,258.89$1,744,344.02
2nd September 2020PDVW - pdvWireless, Inc.10,128Grant/award etc.47,343$0.00