Gregory V Varner

ISBA 18,386.622 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Gregory V Varner is at least $296,024.61. Gregory V Varner owns over 18,386.622 units of Isabella Bank Corp. stock worth over $296,024.61.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
30th October 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.305.124Open or private purchase18,386.622$16.10$4,912.50$296,024.61
31st December 2018ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.517.929Open or private purchase13,026.683$23.31$12,072.92$303,651.99
1st February 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.380.882Open or private purchase13,407.565$22.25$8,474.62$298,318.32
29th March 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.119.45Grant/award etc.13,675.725$23.65$2,824.99$323,430.90
26th April 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.269.022Open or private purchase13,944.747$23.00$6,187.50$320,729.18
3rd June 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.114Grant/award etc.14,134.42$22.99$2,620.86$324,950.31
31st July 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.360.705Open or private purchase14,515.56$22.56$8,137.50$327,471.02
3rd September 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.122Grant/award etc.14,774.375$22.15$2,702.30$327,252.40
31st October 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.342.391Open or private purchase15,228.521$23.00$7,875.00$350,255.99
30th October 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.86.16Open or private purchase14,886.13$22.85$1,968.75$340,148.07
2nd December 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.137Grant/award etc.15,510.424$24.00$3,288.00$372,250.18
31st January 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.350.207Open or private purchase16,032.839$24.20$8,475.00$387,994.69
2nd March 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.119Grant/award etc.16,151.839$23.68$2,817.92$382,475.54
24th April 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.106.804Open or private purchase16,505.027$15.80$1,687.50$260,779.42
29th April 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.407.704Open or private purchase16,912.73$17.20$7,012.50$290,898.96
1st June 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.178Grant/award etc.17,090.73$16.35$2,910.30$279,433.44
4th August 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.327.758Open or private purchase17,675.374$16.59$5,437.50$293,234.46
1st September 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.112Grant/award etc.17,787.373$16.20$1,814.40$288,155.45