Justin L Jude, SVP Ops -- Wholesale Parts

LKQX 96,490 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Justin L Jude is at least $3,794,768.37. Justin L Jude owns over 96,490 units of LKQ CORP stock worth over $3,794,768.37.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
14th January 2021LKQX - LKQ CORP772Payment by withholding96,490$39.33$30,361.29$3,794,768.37
14th January 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP1,959Payment by withholding63,302$26.62$52,154.07$1,685,276.49
1st March 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP21,666Grant/award etc.84,125$0.00
28th February 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP843Payment by withholding62,459$27.62$23,287.37$1,725,392.40
15th July 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP2,201Payment by withholding81,824$26.86$59,116.88$2,197,719.00
14th January 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP1,528Payment by withholding80,296$34.30$52,411.01$2,754,184.92
21st February 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP21,123Grant/award etc.100,539$0.00
20th February 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP880Payment by withholding79,416$33.32$29,321.51$2,646,133.18
2nd March 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP880Payment by withholding99,659$29.43$25,898.22$2,932,944.44
14th July 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP976Payment by withholding98,683$25.82$25,199.15$2,547,876.64
1st September 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP1,421Payment by withholding97,262$31.67$44,996.68$3,079,849.86