Jonathan Sheena, Chief Technology Officer

NTRA 290,034 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Jonathan Sheena is at least $330,928.79. Jonathan Sheena owns over 290,034 units of Natera, Inc. stock worth over $330,928.79.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
20th October 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.13,000Exercise of derivative290,034$1.14$14,833.00$330,928.79
5th October 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative277,034$1.14$11,410.00$316,095.79
22nd September 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.455Exercise of derivative267,034$0.00
21st September 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,117Exercise of derivative266,579$0.00
16th September 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative265,462$1.14$11,410.00$302,892.14
11th March 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.3,043Open or private sale237,158$16.00$48,698.35$3,795,334.34
9th March 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.9,166Exercise of derivative240,201$0.00
13th March 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.23,356Open or private sale271,402$20.51$478,996.53$5,566,047.92
13th March 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.57,600Exercise of derivative294,758$2.66$153,037.44$783,142.53
22nd March 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.506Open or private sale237,770$20.20$10,220.95$4,802,835.12
21st March 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,118Exercise of derivative238,276$0.00
21st March 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.71,317Open or private sale237,158$20.50$1,462,005.63$4,861,762.72
21st March 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.71,317Exercise of derivative308,475$2.66$189,482.14$819,587.23
20th March 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.118,463Open or private sale237,158$20.50$2,428,515.19$4,861,786.43
20th March 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.118,463Exercise of derivative355,621$2.66$314,744.34$944,849.43
29th March 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,620Open or private sale237,770$20.50$53,710.00$4,874,285.00
29th March 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,620Exercise of derivative240,390$2.66$6,961.08$638,692.19
10th June 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,033Open or private sale239,028$24.79$25,609.52$5,925,838.76
9th June 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,291Exercise of derivative240,061$0.00
24th June 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.500Open or private sale239,645$25.19$12,595.00$6,036,657.55
21st June 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,117Exercise of derivative240,145$0.00
9th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.66,783Open or private sale239,645$32.79$2,189,934.78$7,858,390.91
9th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.58,217Open or private sale306,428$32.37$1,884,292.17$9,918,063.15
9th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.125,000Exercise of derivative364,645$2.66$332,112.50$968,825.30
8th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.32,286Open or private sale239,645$31.65$1,021,738.90$7,583,925.49
8th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.19,965Open or private sale271,931$30.25$603,997.15$8,226,674.16
8th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.72,749Open or private sale291,896$29.44$2,141,810.58$8,593,739.33
8th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.125,000Exercise of derivative364,645$2.66$332,112.50$968,825.30
10th September 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,033Open or private sale240,904$29.50$30,469.16$7,105,656.20
9th September 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,292Exercise of derivative241,937$0.00
23rd September 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.500Open or private sale241,521$33.53$16,765.00$8,098,199.13
21st September 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,117Exercise of derivative242,021$0.00
10th December 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,027Open or private sale242,786$36.13$37,106.23$8,772,028.13
9th December 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,292Exercise of derivative243,813$0.00
16th December 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.300Open or private sale242,786$38.02$11,406.00$9,230,723.72
16th December 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.62,219Open or private sale243,086$37.70$2,345,463.42$9,163,588.63
16th December 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.62,519Exercise of derivative305,305$5.40$337,308.76$1,647,212.07
16th December 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.200Open or private sale242,786$38.01$7,601.00$9,227,081.93
16th December 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.37,281Open or private sale242,986$37.69$1,404,945.67$9,157,000.31
16th December 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.37,481Exercise of derivative280,267$2.66$99,583.27$744,641.39
23rd December 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.500Open or private sale243,403$36.93$18,465.00$8,988,872.79
21st December 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,117Exercise of derivative243,903$0.00
10th March 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.800Open or private sale244,895$33.36$26,688.00$8,169,697.20
9th March 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,292Exercise of derivative245,695$0.00
23rd March 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.558Open or private sale246,935$24.11$13,451.04$5,952,565.72
23rd March 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.339Open or private sale247,493$24.09$8,165.59$5,961,438.14
22nd March 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,819Exercise of derivative247,832$0.00
21st March 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,118Exercise of derivative246,013$0.00
7th May 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.14,513Open or private sale246,935$43.41$630,078.99$10,720,633.64
7th May 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.14,513Exercise of derivative261,448$9.29$134,825.77$2,428,851.92
7th May 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.27,352Open or private sale246,935$43.45$1,188,534.66$10,730,140.64
7th May 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.27,352Exercise of derivative274,287$9.59$262,305.68$2,630,412.33
7th May 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.58,135Open or private sale246,935$43.45$2,525,791.35$10,728,584.95
7th May 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.58,135Exercise of derivative305,070$5.40$313,655.77$1,645,944.17
12th May 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.4,851Open or private sale246,935$49.05$237,922.15$12,111,174.01
12th May 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.4,851Exercise of derivative251,786$10.41$50,498.91$2,621,092.26
12th May 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.3,034Open or private sale246,935$49.05$148,823.77$12,112,655.62
12th May 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.3,034Exercise of derivative249,969$9.59$29,096.06$2,397,202.71
10th June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,023Open or private sale248,203$42.19$43,160.37$10,471,684.57
9th June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,291Exercise of derivative249,226$0.00
23rd June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.206Open or private sale249,070$45.51$9,375.25$11,335,399.86
22nd June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.499Open or private sale249,276$46.47$23,188.53$11,583,855.72
22nd June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.455Exercise of derivative249,775$0.00
21st June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,117Exercise of derivative249,320$0.00
30th June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.92,115Open or private sale249,070$49.44$4,554,220.87$12,314,170.24
30th June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.63,331Exercise of derivative341,185$10.41$659,275.71$3,551,735.85
30th June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.28,784Exercise of derivative277,854$9.59$276,038.56$2,664,619.86
25th August 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.4,100Exercise of derivative253,170$1.14$4,678.10$288,866.97
9th September 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,292Exercise of derivative255,462$0.00