James A. Gustke, Vice President of Marketing

OOMA 109,688 shares

The estimated Net Worth of James A. Gustke is at least $1,814,239.52. James A. Gustke owns over 109,688 units of Ooma, Inc. stock worth over $1,814,239.52.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
15th December 2020OOMA - Ooma, Inc.2,019Payment by withholding109,688$16.54$33,394.26$1,814,239.52
15th September 2020OOMA - Ooma, Inc.761Grant/award etc.111,707$9.98$7,594.78$1,114,835.86
15th September 2020OOMA - Ooma, Inc.1,883Payment by withholding110,946$13.38$25,194.54$1,484,457.48
2nd January 2019OOMA - Ooma, Inc.5,500Open or private sale119,171$13.81$75,966.55$1,646,001.77
1st February 2019OOMA - Ooma, Inc.5,500Open or private sale113,671$15.13$83,213.35$1,719,808.13
13th March 2019OOMA - Ooma, Inc.16,000Grant/award etc.129,671$0.00
15th March 2019OOMA - Ooma, Inc.689Grant/award etc.127,745$10.03$6,910.67$1,281,282.35
15th March 2019OOMA - Ooma, Inc.2,615Payment by withholding127,056$15.41$40,297.15$1,957,932.96
19th June 2019OOMA - Ooma, Inc.2,267Open or private sale125,478$11.46$25,975.97$1,437,764.57
15th September 2019OOMA - Ooma, Inc.750Grant/award etc.122,948$10.03$7,522.50$1,233,168.44
15th September 2019OOMA - Ooma, Inc.3,280Payment by withholding122,198$12.46$40,868.80$1,522,587.08
18th December 2019OOMA - Ooma, Inc.2,599Open or private sale120,349$12.88$33,472.00$1,549,950.70
15th March 2020OOMA - Ooma, Inc.12,000Grant/award etc.132,349$0.00
16th March 2020OOMA - Ooma, Inc.3Open or private sale129,663$12.02$36.06$1,558,549.26
16th March 2020OOMA - Ooma, Inc.250Open or private sale129,666$11.08$2,769.98$1,436,686.31
16th March 2020OOMA - Ooma, Inc.1,179Open or private sale129,916$10.40$12,261.01$1,351,061.44
16th March 2020OOMA - Ooma, Inc.1,254Payment by withholding131,095$11.74$14,721.96$1,539,055.30
15th June 2020OOMA - Ooma, Inc.1,834Payment by withholding127,829$13.18$24,172.12$1,684,786.22
6th July 2020OOMA - Ooma, Inc.6,900Open or private sale109,668$18.95$130,761.90$2,078,318.27
6th July 2020OOMA - Ooma, Inc.1,762Open or private sale116,568$17.92$31,569.23$2,088,513.89
6th July 2020OOMA - Ooma, Inc.9,499Open or private sale118,330$16.88$160,358.32$1,997,599.73
8th July 2020OOMA - Ooma, Inc.2,739Open or private sale106,929$17.00$46,563.00$1,817,793.00
1st September 2020OOMA - Ooma, Inc.5,900Open or private sale112,829$14.00$82,600.00$1,579,606.00
1st September 2020OOMA - Ooma, Inc.5,900Exercise of derivative118,729$6.04$35,636.00$717,123.16