Kristin A Yetto, SVP, Chief People Officer

EBAY 6,679 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Kristin A Yetto is at least $370,016.60. Kristin A Yetto owns over 6,679 units of eBay, Inc. stock worth over $370,016.60.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
15th October 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,284Payment by withholding6,679$55.40$71,133.60$370,016.60
15th October 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,462Exercise of derivative7,963$0.00
15th September 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,684Payment by withholding5,501$51.78$87,197.52$284,841.78
15th September 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,458Payment by withholding7,185$51.78$75,495.24$372,039.30
15th September 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,344Payment by withholding8,643$51.78$69,592.32$447,534.54
15th September 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,456Payment by withholding9,987$51.78$75,391.68$517,126.86
15th September 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.3,215Exercise of derivative11,443$0.00
15th September 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,813Exercise of derivative8,228$0.00
15th September 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,599Exercise of derivative5,415$0.00
15th September 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,816Exercise of derivative2,816$0.00
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,284Payment by withholding123,212$36.30$46,609.20$4,472,595.60
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,391Payment by withholding124,496$36.30$50,493.30$4,519,204.80
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,074Payment by withholding125,887$36.30$38,986.20$4,569,698.10
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.19,465Payment by withholding126,961$36.30$706,579.50$4,608,684.30
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.14,351Payment by withholding146,426$36.30$520,941.30$5,315,263.80
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.29,059Exercise of derivative160,777$0.00
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,599Exercise of derivative131,718$0.00
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,816Exercise of derivative129,119$0.00
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.43,890Exercise of derivative126,303$0.00
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.3,126Exercise of derivative82,413$0.00
1st April 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.3,081Payment by withholding126,368$37.68$116,092.08$4,761,546.24
1st April 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.6,237Exercise of derivative129,449$0.00
26th April 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.27,512Open or private sale98,856$38.34$1,054,810.08$3,790,139.04
16th May 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.25,156Open or private sale74,547$37.41$941,128.73$2,788,930.00
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,360Payment by withholding79,954$38.91$52,917.60$3,111,010.14
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,473Payment by withholding81,314$38.91$57,314.43$3,163,927.74
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,636Payment by withholding82,787$38.91$63,656.76$3,221,242.17
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,477Payment by withholding84,423$38.91$57,470.07$3,284,898.93
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,813Exercise of derivative85,900$0.00
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,599Exercise of derivative83,087$0.00
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,815Exercise of derivative80,488$0.00
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.3,126Exercise of derivative77,673$0.00
22nd July 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.6,254Open or private sale73,700$40.85$255,476.53$3,010,652.37
15th September 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,356Payment by withholding79,125$40.37$54,741.72$3,194,276.25
15th September 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,469Payment by withholding80,481$40.37$59,303.53$3,249,017.97
15th September 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,631Payment by withholding81,950$40.37$65,843.47$3,308,321.50
15th September 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,472Payment by withholding83,581$40.37$59,424.64$3,374,164.97
15th September 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,812Exercise of derivative85,053$0.00
15th September 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,599Exercise of derivative82,241$0.00
15th September 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,816Exercise of derivative79,642$0.00
15th September 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.3,126Exercise of derivative76,826$0.00
15th December 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,349Payment by withholding84,579$35.48$47,862.52$3,000,862.92
15th December 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,462Payment by withholding85,928$35.48$51,871.76$3,048,725.44
15th December 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,623Payment by withholding87,390$35.48$57,584.04$3,100,597.20
15th December 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,465Payment by withholding89,013$35.48$51,978.20$3,158,181.24
15th December 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,812Exercise of derivative90,478$0.00
15th December 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,599Exercise of derivative87,666$0.00
15th December 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,816Exercise of derivative85,067$0.00
15th December 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.3,126Exercise of derivative82,251$0.00
15th January 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,077Payment by withholding85,963$35.33$38,050.41$3,037,072.79
15th January 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,461Exercise of derivative87,040$0.00
30th January 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.25,398Open or private sale85,963$34.95$887,748.99$3,004,707.72
30th January 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.25,398Exercise of derivative111,361$22.76$578,058.48$2,534,576.36
30th January 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.49,912Open or private sale85,963$34.95$1,744,599.09$3,004,707.72
30th January 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.49,912Exercise of derivative135,875$23.21$1,158,457.52$3,153,658.75
30th January 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.47,144Open or private sale85,963$34.95$1,647,847.80$3,004,707.72
30th January 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.47,144Exercise of derivative133,107$26.92$1,269,116.48$3,583,240.44
5th February 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.29,863Open or private sale56,100$37.00$1,104,931.00$2,075,700.00
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.13,854Payment by withholding88,601$33.99$470,897.46$3,011,547.99
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.15,009Payment by withholding102,455$33.99$510,155.91$3,482,445.45
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,459Payment by withholding117,464$33.99$49,591.41$3,992,601.36
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,343Payment by withholding118,923$33.99$45,648.57$4,042,192.77
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,455Payment by withholding120,266$33.99$49,455.45$4,087,841.34
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,615Payment by withholding121,721$33.99$54,893.85$4,137,296.79
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.26,823Exercise of derivative123,336$0.00
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.29,059Exercise of derivative96,513$0.00
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,813Exercise of derivative67,454$0.00
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,599Exercise of derivative64,641$0.00
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,816Exercise of derivative62,042$0.00
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.3,126Exercise of derivative59,226$0.00
15th April 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,287Payment by withholding89,776$36.19$46,576.53$3,248,993.44
15th April 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,462Exercise of derivative91,063$0.00
7th May 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.33,676Open or private sale56,947$41.26$1,389,417.88$2,349,542.10
15th June 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,688Payment by withholding62,436$47.89$80,838.32$2,990,060.04
15th June 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,460Payment by withholding64,124$47.89$69,919.40$3,070,898.36
15th June 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,346Payment by withholding65,584$47.89$64,459.94$3,140,817.76
15th June 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,458Payment by withholding66,930$47.89$69,823.62$3,205,277.70
15th June 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.3,215Exercise of derivative68,388$0.00
15th June 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,812Exercise of derivative65,173$0.00
15th June 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,599Exercise of derivative62,361$0.00
15th June 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,815Exercise of derivative59,762$0.00
15th July 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,288Payment by withholding63,610$58.39$75,206.32$3,714,187.90
15th July 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,462Exercise of derivative64,898$0.00
7th August 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.5,136Open or private sale58,474$55.34$284,226.24$3,235,951.16
26th August 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.58,474Open or private sale0$57.60$3,368,201.81$0.00