Robert Kaiden, Chief Accounting Officer

TWTR 136,171 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Robert Kaiden is at least $3,846,817.13. Robert Kaiden owns over 136,171 units of Twitter, Inc. stock worth over $3,846,817.13.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
3rd January 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.417Open or private sale136,171$28.25$11,780.21$3,846,817.13
1st February 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.4,676Open or private sale131,495$33.88$158,435.97$4,455,418.79
6th February 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.88Open or private sale122,276$35.04$3,083.52$4,284,551.04
6th February 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.9,131Open or private sale122,364$34.15$311,786.21$4,178,228.91
1st March 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.2,603Open or private sale119,673$30.67$79,844.42$3,670,849.60
6th March 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.4,897Open or private sale114,776$30.86$151,101.34$3,541,516.78
1st April 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.348Open or private sale114,428$32.74$11,393.52$3,746,372.72
8th April 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.145,037Grant/award etc.259,465$0.00
1st May 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.8,703Open or private sale250,762$39.55$344,175.80$9,916,834.66
6th May 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.8,291Open or private sale242,471$40.00$331,664.87$9,699,567.41
15th May 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.764Grant/award etc.243,235$27.84$21,269.76$6,771,662.40
3rd June 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.3,796Open or private sale239,439$35.70$135,534.66$8,549,073.72
20th June 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.388Open or private sale231,948$36.40$14,123.20$8,442,907.20
20th June 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.7,103Open or private sale232,336$35.76$254,028.85$8,309,171.77
1st July 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.487Open or private sale231,461$35.61$17,342.22$8,242,395.65
1st August 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.9,441Open or private sale222,020$43.04$406,368.02$9,556,384.66
5th August 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.100Open or private sale211,583$41.96$4,196.00$8,878,022.68
5th August 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.2,000Open or private sale211,683$41.08$82,163.60$8,696,318.67
5th August 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.8,337Open or private sale213,683$40.30$336,011.11$8,612,194.16
1st October 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.498Open or private sale211,085$41.05$20,444.59$8,665,756.94
1st November 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.9,685Open or private sale201,400$29.72$287,851.76$5,985,889.96
5th November 2019TWTR - Twitter, Inc.10,183Open or private sale191,217$30.19$307,424.77$5,772,841.23
3rd February 2020TWTR - Twitter, Inc.7,360Open or private sale183,857$32.99$242,815.97$6,065,681.44
6th February 2020TWTR - Twitter, Inc.7,403Open or private sale170,120$39.08$289,325.53$6,648,663.86
6th February 2020TWTR - Twitter, Inc.6,129Open or private sale177,523$38.39$235,262.89$6,814,255.86
6th February 2020TWTR - Twitter, Inc.205Open or private sale183,652$36.50$7,482.50$6,703,298.00
12th April 2020TWTR - Twitter, Inc.42,165Grant/award etc.212,285$0.00
1st May 2020TWTR - Twitter, Inc.10,530Open or private sale201,755$27.57$290,352.11$5,563,152.02
11th May 2020TWTR - Twitter, Inc.11,927Open or private sale189,828$30.00$357,810.00$5,694,840.00
15th May 2020TWTR - Twitter, Inc.854Grant/award etc.190,682$24.65$21,051.10$4,700,311.30
1st August 2020TWTR - Twitter, Inc.11,813Open or private sale178,869$36.27$428,439.79$6,487,310.33
26th August 2020TWTR - Twitter, Inc.11,919Open or private sale166,950$40.84$486,751.70$6,817,954.19