Glenn C. Worman, President and CFO

NHLD 17,195 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Glenn C. Worman is at least $55,024.00. Glenn C. Worman owns over 17,195 units of National Holdings Corp. stock worth over $55,024.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
27th December 2018NHLD - National Holdings Corp.3,539Payment by withholding17,195$3.20$11,324.80$55,024.00
27th December 2018NHLD - National Holdings Corp.10,417Exercise of derivative20,734$0.00
19th July 2018NHLD - National Holdings Corp.5,308Payment by withholding10,317$3.21$17,038.68$33,117.57
19th July 2018NHLD - National Holdings Corp.15,625Exercise of derivative15,625$0.00
30th May 2019NHLD - National Holdings Corp.7,765Payment by withholding32,287$2.91$22,596.15$93,955.17
10th April 2019NHLD - National Holdings Corp.22,857Exercise of derivative40,052$0.00
19th July 2019NHLD - National Holdings Corp.15,625Exercise of derivative47,912$0.00
23rd August 2019NHLD - National Holdings Corp.5,308Payment by withholding42,604$2.79$14,809.32$118,865.16
1st November 2019NHLD - National Holdings Corp.37,212Exercise of derivative79,816$0.00
23rd December 2019NHLD - National Holdings Corp.12,641Payment by withholding67,175$2.66$33,625.06$178,685.50
10th April 2020NHLD - National Holdings Corp.22,857Exercise of derivative90,032$0.00
22nd May 2020NHLD - National Holdings Corp.7,765Payment by withholding82,267$1.42$11,025.52$116,810.91
19th July 2020NHLD - National Holdings Corp.15,625Exercise of derivative97,892$0.00
31st August 2020NHLD - National Holdings Corp.5,308Payment by withholding92,584$1.97$10,456.76$182,390.48