Mark C Hood, Chief Operating Officer

GSB 67,324 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Mark C Hood is at least $263,236.84. Mark C Hood owns over 67,324 units of GlobalSCAPE, Inc. stock worth over $263,236.84.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
12th December 2018ATRM - AETRIUM INC20,000Grant/award etc.30,000$0.00
10th September 2019ATRM - AETRIUM INC50,000Sale back to the issuer0$0.00
6th September 2019ATRM - AETRIUM INC20,000Grant/award etc.50,000$0.00
13th December 2019GSB - GlobalSCAPE, Inc.17,329Grant/award etc.27,329$0.00
6th February 2020GSB - GlobalSCAPE, Inc.25,575Exercise of derivative67,324$3.91$99,998.25$263,236.84
6th February 2020GSB - GlobalSCAPE, Inc.6,086Exercise of derivative41,749$3.91$23,796.26$163,238.59
5th February 2020GSB - GlobalSCAPE, Inc.300Exercise of derivative35,663$3.91$1,173.00$139,442.33
4th February 2020GSB - GlobalSCAPE, Inc.18,034Exercise of derivative35,363$3.91$70,512.94$138,269.33
4th February 2020GSB - GlobalSCAPE, Inc.600Open or private sale17,329$10.65$6,390.00$184,553.85
4th February 2020GSB - GlobalSCAPE, Inc.4,681Open or private sale17,929$10.64$49,805.84$190,764.56
4th February 2020GSB - GlobalSCAPE, Inc.4,719Open or private sale22,610$10.62$50,118.61$240,131.77
28th August 2020GSB - GlobalSCAPE, Inc.17,329Sale back to the issuer0$0.00