Derrick Walsh, SVP, Chief Accounting Officer

BOFI 9,772 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Derrick Walsh is at least $261,498.72. Derrick Walsh owns over 9,772 units of stock worth over $261,498.72.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
12th July 2019BOFI - 443Payment by withholding9,772$26.76$11,854.68$261,498.72
12th July 2019BOFI - 911Exercise of derivative10,215$26.76$24,378.36$273,353.40
19th July 2019BOFI - 945Payment by withholding10,771$26.52$25,061.40$285,646.92
19th July 2019BOFI - 1,944Exercise of derivative11,716$26.52$51,554.88$310,708.32
15th December 2019BOFI - 388Payment by withholding11,182$29.44$11,422.72$329,198.08
15th December 2019BOFI - 799Exercise of derivative11,570$29.44$23,522.56$340,620.80
19th December 2019BOFI - 423Payment by withholding11,630$30.35$12,838.05$352,970.50
19th December 2019BOFI - 871Exercise of derivative12,053$30.35$26,434.85$365,808.55
8th March 2020BOFI - 1,014Payment by withholding12,465$22.13$22,439.82$275,850.45
8th March 2020BOFI - 1,849Exercise of derivative13,479$22.13$40,918.37$298,290.27
12th July 2020BOFI - 443Payment by withholding12,933$20.16$8,930.88$260,729.28
12th July 2020BOFI - 911Exercise of derivative13,376$20.16$18,365.76$269,660.16
19th July 2020BOFI - 451Payment by withholding13,410$20.61$9,295.11$276,380.10
19th July 2020BOFI - 928Exercise of derivative13,861$20.61$19,126.08$285,675.21
28th August 2020BOFI - 972Payment by withholding14,436$25.35$24,640.20$365,952.60
28th August 2020BOFI - 1,998Exercise of derivative15,408$25.35$50,649.30$390,592.80