Dominick P Zarcone, President and CEO

LKQX 251,868 shares
GNRC 9,220 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Dominick P Zarcone is at least $7,250,195.09. Dominick P Zarcone owns over 251,868 units of LKQ CORP stock worth over $6,705,431.39.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
14th January 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP7,212Payment by withholding251,868$26.62$192,003.63$6,705,431.39
1st March 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP72,217Grant/award etc.320,144$0.00
28th February 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP3,941Payment by withholding247,927$27.62$108,867.76$6,848,834.62
1st April 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP2,661Payment by withholding315,466$28.98$77,107.00$9,141,163.64
6th May 2019GNRC - Generac Holdings, Inc.2,285Grant/award etc.9,220$59.09$135,009.23$544,763.70
15th July 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP6,907Payment by withholding308,559$26.86$185,515.80$8,287,617.04
9th August 2019GNRC - Generac Holdings, Inc.274Grant/award etc.9,494$73.00$20,002.00$693,062.00
30th September 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP2,661Payment by withholding305,898$31.43$83,646.14$9,615,628.32
14th January 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP6,273Payment by withholding299,625$34.30$215,166.41$10,277,257.35
17th February 2020GNRC - Generac Holdings, Inc.196Grant/award etc.9,690$114.86$22,511.58$1,112,944.95
21st February 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP75,438Grant/award etc.370,326$0.00
20th February 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP4,737Payment by withholding294,888$33.32$157,836.37$9,825,638.67
2nd March 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP4,737Payment by withholding365,589$29.43$139,408.96$10,759,211.15
30th March 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP2,364Payment by withholding363,225$21.13$49,956.52$7,675,743.35
4th May 2020GNRC - Generac Holdings, Inc.1,596Grant/award etc.11,286$92.43$147,510.30$1,043,108.55
14th July 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP2,647Payment by withholding360,578$25.82$68,342.36$9,309,691.27
3rd August 2020GNRC - Generac Holdings, Inc.142Grant/award etc.11,428$158.89$22,561.67$1,815,737.78
1st September 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP4,737Payment by withholding355,841$31.67$149,999.47$11,267,883.19