Timothy Gerald Arnold, EVP, VB & President, Colonial

UNM 33,446 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Timothy Gerald Arnold is at least $1,214,758.72. Timothy Gerald Arnold owns over 33,446 units of Unum Group stock worth over $1,214,758.72.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
18th February 2019UNM - Unum Group2,668Payment by withholding33,446$36.32$96,901.76$1,214,758.72
18th February 2019UNM - Unum Group8,294.557Grant/award etc.36,114$0.00
23rd February 2019UNM - Unum Group851Payment by withholding32,595$37.27$31,716.77$1,214,815.65
1st March 2019UNM - Unum Group8,711Grant/award etc.40,205$0.00
1st March 2019UNM - Unum Group639Payment by withholding31,494$37.67$24,071.13$1,186,378.98
1st March 2019UNM - Unum Group462Payment by withholding32,133$37.67$17,403.54$1,210,450.11
25th February 2020UNM - Unum Group1,438Payment by withholding43,741$25.60$36,812.80$1,119,769.60
25th February 2020UNM - Unum Group4,367.877Grant/award etc.45,179$0.00
1st March 2020UNM - Unum Group14,748Grant/award etc.56,466$0.00
1st March 2020UNM - Unum Group865Payment by withholding41,718$23.31$20,163.15$972,446.58
1st March 2020UNM - Unum Group663Payment by withholding42,583$23.31$15,454.53$992,609.73
1st March 2020UNM - Unum Group495Payment by withholding43,246$23.31$11,538.45$1,008,064.26
24th August 2020UNM - Unum Group16,640Grant/award etc.73,462$0.00