Kathleen T Hogan, EVP, Human Resources

MSFT 219,064 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Kathleen T Hogan is at least $44,450,276.24. Kathleen T Hogan owns over 219,064 units of Microsoft Corp. stock worth over $44,450,276.24.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
18th September 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.878Payment by withholding219,064$202.91$178,154.98$44,450,276.24
28th February 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.6,316Payment by withholding220,485$112.17$708,465.72$24,731,802.45
18th March 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.878Payment by withholding219,607$115.91$101,768.98$25,454,647.37
19th March 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.1,142Payment by withholding218,465$117.57$134,264.94$25,684,930.05
14th September 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.12,748Grant/award etc.219,942$0.00
10th June 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.15,947Open or private sale202,518$133.17$2,123,654.02$26,969,220.80
7th August 2019ALK - Alaska Air Group, Inc.1,193Grant/award etc.1,193$0.00
29th August 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.416Payment by withholding202,349$135.56$56,392.96$27,430,430.44
3rd September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.36,135Payment by withholding238,042$137.86$4,981,571.10$32,816,470.12
3rd September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.71,828Grant/award etc.274,177$0.00
10th September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.40,000Open or private sale198,042$135.25$5,409,972.00$26,785,041.87
19th September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.1,142Payment by withholding212,343$138.52$158,189.84$29,413,752.36
18th September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.878Payment by withholding213,485$137.39$120,628.42$29,330,704.15
18th September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.16,321Grant/award etc.214,363$0.00
18th December 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.260Bona fide gift207,915$0.00
2nd March 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.4,168Payment by withholding208,175$162.01$675,257.68$33,726,431.75
18th March 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.878Payment by withholding207,037$146.57$128,688.46$30,345,413.09
7th May 2020ALK - Alaska Air Group, Inc.3,539Grant/award etc.4,732$0.00
17th August 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.30,871Open or private sale176.321$209.90$6,479,764.25$37,009.44
31st August 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.29,548Payment by withholding207,194$228.91$6,763,832.68$47,428,778.54
31st August 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.60,421Grant/award etc.236,742$0.00