John William Dillon, EVP and Chief Brand Officer

DENN 84,140 shares

The estimated Net Worth of John William Dillon is at least $1,158,607.80. John William Dillon owns over 84,140 units of Denny's Corp. stock worth over $1,158,607.80.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
28th December 2020DENN - Denny's Corp.3,445Payment by withholding84,140$13.77$47,437.65$1,158,607.80
28th December 2020DENN - Denny's Corp.10,943Grant/award etc.87,585$0.00
13th February 2019DENN - Denny's Corp.15,696Payment by withholding90,568$18.23$286,138.08$1,651,054.64
13th February 2019DENN - Denny's Corp.48,759Grant/award etc.106,264$0.00
13th May 2019DENN - Denny's Corp.10,360Open or private sale80,208$19.24$199,363.70$1,543,490.67
9th September 2019DENN - Denny's Corp.7,392Open or private sale63,228$23.23$171,708.77$1,468,723.21
6th September 2019DENN - Denny's Corp.9,588Open or private sale70,620$23.53$225,610.43$1,661,723.91
12th February 2020DENN - Denny's Corp.6,127Payment by withholding76,642$20.31$124,439.37$1,556,599.02
12th February 2020DENN - Denny's Corp.19,541Grant/award etc.82,769$0.00
1st September 2020DENN - Denny's Corp.8,900Open or private sale76,642$11.60$103,206.18$888,755.96
1st September 2020DENN - Denny's Corp.8,900Exercise of derivative85,542$3.89$34,621.00$332,758.38