Pc Nelson Griggs, Executive Vice President

NDAQ 25,089 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Pc Nelson Griggs is at least $2,152,887.09. Pc Nelson Griggs owns over 25,089 units of Nasdaq, Inc. stock worth over $2,152,887.09.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
29th January 2019NDAQ - Nasdaq, Inc.4,017Payment by withholding25,089$85.81$344,698.77$2,152,887.09
29th January 2019NDAQ - Nasdaq, Inc.12,461Grant/award etc.29,106$0.00
25th February 2019NDAQ - Nasdaq, Inc.1,339Open or private sale23,750$90.24$120,831.36$2,143,200.00
5th September 2019NDAQ - Nasdaq, Inc.1,444Open or private sale22,306$101.09$145,973.96$2,254,913.54
4th February 2020NDAQ - Nasdaq, Inc.2,000Open or private sale18,840$119.20$238,400.00$2,245,728.00
3rd February 2020NDAQ - Nasdaq, Inc.1,466Open or private sale20,840$117.87$172,797.42$2,456,410.80
25th February 2020NDAQ - Nasdaq, Inc.5,793Payment by withholding25,681$112.41$651,191.13$2,886,801.21
25th February 2020NDAQ - Nasdaq, Inc.12,634Grant/award etc.31,474$0.00
1st April 2020NDAQ - Nasdaq, Inc.3,468Grant/award etc.29,149$0.00
27th April 2020NDAQ - Nasdaq, Inc.2,000Open or private sale27,149$109.87$219,740.00$2,982,860.63
18th May 2020NDAQ - Nasdaq, Inc.2,000Open or private sale25,149$114.06$228,120.00$2,868,494.94
26th May 2020NDAQ - Nasdaq, Inc.1,930Open or private sale23,219$118.21$228,145.30$2,744,717.99
26th August 2020NDAQ - Nasdaq, Inc.1,000Open or private sale20,219$133.24$133,240.00$2,693,979.56
26th August 2020NDAQ - Nasdaq, Inc.2,000Open or private sale21,219$132.04$264,080.00$2,801,756.76