Todd Renaud, Vice President - CIO

CONN 41,038 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Todd Renaud is at least $940,590.96. Todd Renaud owns over 41,038 units of Conn's, Inc. stock worth over $940,590.96.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
23rd February 2019CONN - Conn's, Inc.3,219Payment by withholding41,038$22.92$73,779.48$940,590.96
12th April 2019CONN - Conn's, Inc.2,500Open or private sale38,538$25.01$62,513.75$963,661.96
26th August 2019CONN - Conn's, Inc.397Payment by withholding38,141$19.80$7,860.60$755,191.80
19th September 2019CONN - Conn's, Inc.3,000Open or private sale35,141$24.67$74,014.50$866,981.18
1st December 2019CONN - Conn's, Inc.1,318Payment by withholding33,162$21.93$28,903.74$727,242.66
1st December 2019CONN - Conn's, Inc.471Payment by withholding34,480$21.93$10,329.03$756,146.40
1st December 2019CONN - Conn's, Inc.190Payment by withholding34,951$21.93$4,166.70$766,475.43
6th February 2020CONN - Conn's, Inc.8,499Grant/award etc.41,661$0.00
23rd February 2020CONN - Conn's, Inc.3,424Payment by withholding38,237$9.36$32,048.64$357,898.32
24th March 2020CONN - Conn's, Inc.6,937Payment by withholding49,143$4.81$33,366.97$236,377.83
26th August 2020CONN - Conn's, Inc.390Payment by withholding48,753$12.37$4,824.30$603,074.61