Himesh Bhise, Chief Executive Officer

SYNC 345,621 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Himesh Bhise is at least $656,679.90. Himesh Bhise owns over 345,621 units of Synacor, Inc. stock worth over $656,679.90.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
4th February 2021SYNC - Synacor, Inc.2,181Payment by withholding345,621$1.90$4,143.90$656,679.90
28th January 2021SYNC - Synacor, Inc.5,089Payment by withholding347,802$1.77$9,007.53$615,609.54
1st January 2021SYNC - Synacor, Inc.4,510Payment by withholding352,891$1.36$6,133.60$479,931.76
14th May 2019SYNC - Synacor, Inc.15,000Open or private purchase41,000$1.56$23,325.00$63,755.00
9th August 2019SYNC - Synacor, Inc.82,720Grant/award etc.203,720$0.00
6th March 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.30,000Open or private purchase233,720$1.20$36,000.00$280,464.00
10th March 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.5,615Open or private purchase239,591$1.09$6,120.35$261,154.19
9th March 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.256Open or private purchase233,976$1.10$281.60$257,373.60
11th March 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.5,000Open or private purchase244,591$1.07$5,350.00$261,712.37
1st March 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.4,055Payment by withholding232,288$1.11$4,501.05$257,839.68
1st January 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.4,193Payment by withholding236,343$1.52$6,373.36$359,241.36
1st September 2019SYNC - Synacor, Inc.4,055Payment by withholding240,536$1.46$5,920.30$351,182.56
28th July 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.93,361Grant/award etc.325,649$1.21$112,500.01$392,407.05
4th August 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.40,000Grant/award etc.365,649$1.20$48,000.00$438,778.80
14th August 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.4,193Payment by withholding361,456$1.14$4,780.02$412,059.84
1st September 2020SYNC - Synacor, Inc.4,055Payment by withholding357,401$1.10$4,460.50$393,141.10