W. Mark Watson

SYKE 3,429 shares
BDSI 52,979 shares

The estimated Net Worth of W. Mark Watson is at least $379,050.01. W. Mark Watson owns over 3,429 units of Sykes Enterprises, Inc. stock worth over $104,618.79.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
22nd February 2019SYKE - Sykes Enterprises, Inc.180Grant/award etc.3,429$30.51$5,491.80$104,618.79
25th February 2019SYKE - Sykes Enterprises, Inc.904Grant/award etc.4,333$31.10$28,114.40$134,756.30
21st May 2019SYKE - Sykes Enterprises, Inc.984Grant/award etc.5,317$25.41$25,003.44$135,104.97
22nd May 2019SYKE - Sykes Enterprises, Inc.180Grant/award etc.5,497$25.75$4,635.00$141,547.75
13th August 2019BDSI - BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc.24,739Exercise of derivative35,979$0.00
21st August 2019SYKE - Sykes Enterprises, Inc.984Grant/award etc.6,481$28.89$28,427.76$187,236.09
22nd August 2019SYKE - Sykes Enterprises, Inc.181Grant/award etc.6,662$29.19$5,283.39$194,463.78
21st November 2019SYKE - Sykes Enterprises, Inc.984Grant/award etc.7,646$35.27$34,705.68$269,674.42
22nd November 2019SYKE - Sykes Enterprises, Inc.181Grant/award etc.7,827$34.92$6,320.52$273,318.84
21st February 2020SYKE - Sykes Enterprises, Inc.983Grant/award etc.8,810$35.95$35,338.85$316,719.50
24th February 2020SYKE - Sykes Enterprises, Inc.181Grant/award etc.8,991$35.67$6,456.27$320,708.97
30th March 2020SYKE - Sykes Enterprises, Inc.3,000Open or private sale5,991$26.10$78,300.00$156,365.10
13th May 2020SYKE - Sykes Enterprises, Inc.1,000Grant/award etc.6,991$25.00$25,000.00$174,775.00
22nd May 2020SYKE - Sykes Enterprises, Inc.181Grant/award etc.7,172$25.95$4,696.95$186,113.40
7th August 2020BDSI - BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc.30,000Exercise of derivative65,979$0.00
13th August 2020SYKE - Sykes Enterprises, Inc.1,000Grant/award etc.8,172$34.36$34,360.00$280,789.92
17th August 2020BDSI - BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc.13,000Open or private sale52,979$5.18$67,340.00$274,431.22
24th August 2020SYKE - Sykes Enterprises, Inc.181Grant/award etc.8,353$33.42$6,049.02$279,157.26