Mark R Bridwell, VP, GC and Secretary

RYN 31,797 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Mark R Bridwell is at least $1,009,236.78. Mark R Bridwell owns over 31,797 units of Rayonier Inc. stock worth over $1,009,236.78.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st April 2019RYN - Rayonier Inc.475Payment by withholding31,797$31.74$15,076.50$1,009,236.78
1st April 2019RYN - Rayonier Inc.448Payment by withholding32,272$31.74$14,219.52$1,024,313.28
1st April 2019RYN - Rayonier Inc.4,096Grant/award etc.32,720$0.00
15th April 2019RYN - Rayonier Inc.6,439Payment by withholding41,720$31.99$205,983.61$1,334,622.80
15th April 2019RYN - Rayonier Inc.16,362Grant/award etc.48,159$0.00
1st April 2020RYN - Rayonier Inc.475Payment by withholding47,169$21.97$10,435.75$1,036,302.93
1st April 2020RYN - Rayonier Inc.448Payment by withholding47,644$21.97$9,842.56$1,046,738.68
1st April 2020RYN - Rayonier Inc.6,372Grant/award etc.48,092$0.00
3rd April 2020RYN - Rayonier Inc.452Payment by withholding46,717$22.15$10,011.80$1,034,781.55
14th April 2020RYN - Rayonier Inc.3,163Payment by withholding51,590$24.74$78,252.62$1,276,336.60
14th April 2020RYN - Rayonier Inc.8,036Grant/award etc.54,753$0.00
2nd September 2020RYN - Rayonier Inc.602Open or private sale51,590$30.03$18,078.06$1,549,247.70
2nd September 2020RYN - Rayonier Inc.602Exercise of derivative52,192$27.22$16,385.78$1,420,608.83