Craig Safian, EVP & CFO

IT 28,932 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Craig Safian is at least $4,137,565.32. Craig Safian owns over 28,932 units of Gartner, Inc. stock worth over $4,137,565.32.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
6th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.1,858Payment by withholding28,932$143.01$265,712.58$4,137,565.32
6th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.5,389Exercise of derivative30,790$0.00
9th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.2,116Payment by withholding36,600$138.74$293,573.84$5,077,884.00
9th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.4,320Exercise of derivative38,716$0.00
8th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.2,229Payment by withholding34,396$138.74$309,251.46$4,772,101.04
8th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.5,058Exercise of derivative36,625$0.00
8th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.2,530Payment by withholding31,567$138.74$351,012.20$4,379,605.58
8th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.5,165Exercise of derivative34,097$0.00
28th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.43Other acquisition or disposition36,643$135.19$5,813.17$4,953,767.17
8th March 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.3,635Open or private sale33,008$140.64$511,226.40$4,642,245.12
31st May 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.18Other acquisition or disposition33,026$143.74$2,587.32$4,747,157.24
10th August 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.236Payment by withholding33,270$130.58$30,816.88$4,344,396.60
10th August 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.480Exercise of derivative33,506$0.00
31st August 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.22Other acquisition or disposition33,292$126.99$2,793.78$4,227,751.08
18th November 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.1,744Open or private sale31,548$159.77$278,638.88$5,040,423.96
29th November 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.18Other acquisition or disposition31,566$152.44$2,743.92$4,811,921.04
6th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.1,857Payment by withholding37,777$154.29$286,516.53$5,828,613.33
6th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.5,388Exercise of derivative39,634$0.00
6th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.2,252Payment by withholding34,246$154.29$347,461.08$5,283,815.34
6th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.4,932Exercise of derivative36,498$0.00
8th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.2,530Payment by withholding42,993$152.58$386,027.40$6,559,871.94
8th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.5,165Exercise of derivative45,523$0.00
8th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.2,477Payment by withholding40,358$152.58$377,940.66$6,157,823.64
8th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.5,058Exercise of derivative42,835$0.00
28th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.48Other acquisition or disposition43,041$122.92$5,900.16$5,290,599.72
31st May 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.24Other acquisition or disposition43,065$115.62$2,774.88$4,979,175.30
10th August 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.236Payment by withholding43,309$132.63$31,300.68$5,744,072.67
10th August 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.480Exercise of derivative43,545$0.00
31st August 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.23Other acquisition or disposition43,332$123.33$2,836.59$5,344,135.56