CHGG 98,612 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Robin Tomasello is at least $3,858,687.56. Robin Tomasello owns over 98,612 units of Chegg, Inc. stock worth over $3,858,687.56.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
23rd February 2019CHGG - Chegg, Inc.6,347Payment by withholding98,612$39.13$248,358.11$3,858,687.56
1st March 2019CHGG - Chegg, Inc.13,862Payment by withholding98,975$40.42$560,302.04$4,000,569.50
1st March 2019CHGG - Chegg, Inc.14,225Grant/award etc.112,837$0.00
1st April 2019CHGG - Chegg, Inc.3,444Payment by withholding95,531$37.75$130,011.00$3,606,295.25
12th December 2019CHGG - Chegg, Inc.4,529Open or private sale87,074$37.00$167,573.00$3,221,738.00
12th December 2019CHGG - Chegg, Inc.4,877Open or private sale91,603$37.05$180,692.85$3,393,891.15
1st March 2020CHGG - Chegg, Inc.13,584Payment by withholding88,154$39.21$532,628.64$3,456,518.34
1st March 2020CHGG - Chegg, Inc.14,664Grant/award etc.101,738$0.00
1st June 2020CHGG - Chegg, Inc.588Payment by withholding87,983$62.43$36,708.84$5,492,778.69
1st September 2020CHGG - Chegg, Inc.589Payment by withholding87,394$76.58$45,105.62$6,692,632.52