Joshua Mayer, Chief Operating Officer

ENV 35,232 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Joshua Mayer is at least $1,724,254.08. Joshua Mayer owns over 35,232 units of Envestnet, Inc. stock worth over $1,724,254.08.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
28th December 2018ENV - Envestnet, Inc.238Payment by withholding35,232$48.94$11,647.72$1,724,254.08
4th February 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.2,616Open or private sale32,616$55.00$143,880.00$1,793,880.00
1st March 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.1,162Open or private sale34,343$61.15$71,056.30$2,100,074.45
28th February 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.717Payment by withholding35,505$61.01$43,744.17$2,166,160.05
28th February 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.3,606Grant/award etc.36,222$0.00
1st February 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.1,122Payment by withholding33,221$55.12$61,844.64$1,831,141.52
29th March 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.1,619Open or private sale31,448$65.28$105,688.32$2,052,925.44
28th March 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.154Payment by withholding33,067$64.65$9,956.10$2,137,781.55
2nd May 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.1,031Payment by withholding30,417$71.17$73,376.27$2,164,777.89
23rd May 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.1,000Open or private sale29,417$67.54$67,540.00$1,986,824.18
28th May 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.161Payment by withholding29,256$68.86$11,086.46$2,014,568.16
1st July 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.154Payment by withholding29,102$68.37$10,528.98$1,989,703.74
5th July 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.500Open or private sale28,602$69.86$34,930.00$1,998,135.72
2nd August 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.500Open or private sale28,102$69.82$34,910.00$1,962,081.64
6th August 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.1,031Payment by withholding27,071$68.11$70,221.41$1,843,805.81
16th August 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.6,881Open or private sale20,190$56.15$386,368.15$1,133,668.50
28th August 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.248Payment by withholding19,942$55.86$13,853.28$1,113,960.12
28th September 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.238Payment by withholding19,704$56.97$13,558.86$1,122,536.88
8th October 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.150Open or private sale19,554$56.37$8,455.50$1,102,258.98
8th November 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.150Open or private sale19,404$63.81$9,571.50$1,238,169.24
28th November 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.249Payment by withholding19,155$71.08$17,698.92$1,361,537.40
9th December 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.150Open or private sale19,005$72.04$10,806.00$1,369,120.20
28th December 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.238Payment by withholding18,767$71.56$17,031.28$1,342,966.52
8th January 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.150Open or private sale18,617$72.67$10,900.50$1,352,897.39
10th February 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.150Open or private sale18,467$81.95$12,292.50$1,513,370.65
28th February 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.4,637Grant/award etc.22,612$0.00
28th February 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.492Payment by withholding17,975$75.48$37,136.16$1,356,753.00
9th March 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.150Open or private sale22,462$65.67$9,850.50$1,475,079.54
28th March 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.154Payment by withholding22,308$56.98$8,774.92$1,271,109.84
8th April 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.150Open or private sale22,158$50.78$7,617.00$1,125,183.24
8th May 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.150Open or private sale22,008$66.36$9,954.00$1,460,450.88
28th May 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.244Payment by withholding19,747$71.99$17,565.56$1,421,586.53
28th May 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.2,017Open or private sale19,991$74.04$149,338.68$1,480,133.64
8th June 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.150Open or private sale19,597$76.08$11,412.00$1,490,939.76
29th June 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.4,418Open or private sale19,597$70.87$313,103.66$1,388,839.39
29th June 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.4,418Exercise of derivative24,015$12.45$55,004.10$298,986.75
28th August 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.244Payment by withholding19,353$82.39$20,103.16$1,594,493.67