Joe Allanson, Chief Accounting Officer

CRM 31,108 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Joe Allanson is at least $7,334,955.32. Joe Allanson owns over 31,108 units of, inc. stock worth over $7,334,955.32.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
24th September 2020CRM -, inc.383Open or private sale31,108$235.79$90,307.57$7,334,955.32
23rd September 2020CRM -, inc.237Open or private sale31,491$242.81$57,546.35$7,646,380.10
23rd September 2020CRM -, inc.1Open or private sale31,728$235.78$235.78$7,480,827.84
22nd September 2020CRM -, inc.290Exercise of derivative31,729$0.00
22nd September 2020CRM -, inc.331Exercise of derivative31,439$0.00
1st February 2019CRM -, inc.14,897Open or private sale30,310$155.00$2,309,035.00$4,698,050.00
1st February 2019CRM -, inc.14,897Exercise of derivative45,207$59.34$883,987.98$2,682,583.38
25th February 2019CRM -, inc.322Open or private sale30,627$162.13$52,205.31$4,965,503.44
22nd February 2019CRM -, inc.331Exercise of derivative30,949$0.00
22nd February 2019CRM -, inc.308Exercise of derivative30,618$0.00
26th February 2019CRM -, inc.317Open or private sale30,310$160.66$50,929.22$4,869,604.60
25th March 2019CRM -, inc.667Open or private sale30,966$159.60$106,450.07$4,942,028.06
22nd March 2019CRM -, inc.1,323Exercise of derivative31,633$0.00
27th March 2019CRM -, inc.656Open or private sale30,310$158.67$104,087.52$4,809,287.70
23rd May 2019CRM -, inc.169Open or private sale30,623$153.55$25,949.66$4,702,109.59
23rd May 2019CRM -, inc.158Open or private sale30,792$153.55$24,260.68$4,728,068.49
22nd May 2019CRM -, inc.331Exercise of derivative30,950$0.00
22nd May 2019CRM -, inc.309Exercise of derivative30,619$0.00
24th May 2019CRM -, inc.313Open or private sale30,310$154.84$48,464.92$4,693,200.40
24th June 2019CRM -, inc.168Open or private sale30,473$153.88$25,852.11$4,689,234.00
22nd June 2019CRM -, inc.331Exercise of derivative30,641$0.00
25th June 2019CRM -, inc.163Open or private sale30,310$152.88$24,919.44$4,633,792.80
23rd August 2019CRM -, inc.323Open or private sale30,627$155.57$50,249.05$4,764,636.26
22nd August 2019CRM -, inc.331Exercise of derivative30,950$0.00
22nd August 2019CRM -, inc.309Exercise of derivative30,619$0.00
23rd September 2019CRM -, inc.167Open or private sale30,791$154.07$25,729.67$4,743,966.29
22nd September 2019CRM -, inc.331Exercise of derivative30,958$0.00
25th November 2019CRM -, inc.323Open or private sale31,108$162.57$52,509.59$5,057,177.79
22nd November 2019CRM -, inc.331Exercise of derivative31,431$0.00
22nd November 2019CRM -, inc.309Exercise of derivative31,100$0.00
23rd December 2019CRM -, inc.167Open or private sale31,272$164.04$27,394.11$5,129,752.56
22nd December 2019CRM -, inc.331Exercise of derivative31,439$0.00
24th December 2019CRM -, inc.164Open or private sale31,108$163.31$26,782.84$5,080,247.48
25th February 2020CRM -, inc.191Open or private sale31,228$188.47$35,997.77$5,885,541.16
24th February 2020CRM -, inc.2Open or private sale31,419$184.63$369.25$5,800,732.88
24th February 2020CRM -, inc.18Open or private sale31,421$183.33$3,299.90$5,760,336.52
22nd February 2020CRM -, inc.331Exercise of derivative31,439$0.00
23rd March 2020CRM -, inc.521Open or private sale32,199$139.86$72,866.54$4,503,319.94
22nd March 2020CRM -, inc.1,161Exercise of derivative32,720$0.00
22nd March 2020CRM -, inc.331Exercise of derivative31,559$0.00
24th March 2020CRM -, inc.971Open or private sale31,228$144.63$140,435.73$4,516,505.64
26th May 2020CRM -, inc.116Open or private sale31,443$178.43$20,697.95$5,610,393.36
22nd May 2020CRM -, inc.331Exercise of derivative31,559$0.00
27th May 2020CRM -, inc.215Open or private sale31,228$175.50$37,732.50$5,480,514.00
23rd June 2020CRM -, inc.218Open or private sale31,631$191.71$41,792.95$6,064,004.31
22nd June 2020CRM -, inc.290Exercise of derivative31,849$0.00
22nd June 2020CRM -, inc.331Exercise of derivative31,559$0.00
24th June 2020CRM -, inc.403Open or private sale31,228$188.35$75,905.05$5,881,793.80
24th August 2020CRM -, inc.116Open or private sale31,323$207.23$24,038.36$6,490,977.59
22nd August 2020CRM -, inc.331Exercise of derivative31,439$0.00
25th August 2020CRM -, inc.215Open or private sale31,108$213.39$45,878.85$6,638,136.12