Christopher C Capossela, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer

MSFT 161,866 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Christopher C Capossela is at least $18,156,509.22. Christopher C Capossela owns over 161,866 units of Microsoft Corp. stock worth over $18,156,509.22.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
28th February 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.4,465Payment by withholding161,866$112.17$500,839.05$18,156,509.22
11th March 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.5,500Open or private sale151,366$112.41$618,234.10$17,014,476.87
8th March 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.5,000Open or private sale156,866$110.46$552,308.50$17,327,685.03
14th September 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.10,310Grant/award etc.109,253$0.00
3rd May 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.3,000Open or private sale148,534$128.87$386,619.90$19,142,066.74
8th May 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.1,600Bona fide gift146,934$0.00
15th May 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.3,000Open or private sale141,934$126.34$379,028.70$17,932,353.17
14th May 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.2,000Open or private sale144,934$125.54$251,070.00$18,194,289.69
31st July 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.5,311Bona fide gift136,623$0.00
8th August 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.3,500Open or private sale129,817$138.00$483,006.30$17,914,979.67
13th August 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.7,000Open or private sale122,817$138.15$967,050.00$16,967,168.55
3rd September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.36,776Payment by withholding159,579$137.86$5,069,939.36$21,999,560.94
3rd September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.73,538Grant/award etc.196,355$0.00
5th September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.12,500Open or private sale147,079$139.36$1,741,937.50$20,496,194.04
6th September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.6,000Open or private sale128,579$140.10$840,600.00$18,013,917.90
5th September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.12,500Open or private sale134,579$139.84$1,748,016.25$18,819,702.31
10th September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.9,000Open or private sale119,579$135.58$1,220,217.30$16,212,484.95
18th September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.16,865Grant/award etc.136,444$0.00
30th October 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.2,500Open or private sale126,444$144.66$361,641.75$18,290,971.77
30th October 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.5,000Open or private sale128,944$143.69$718,436.50$18,527,615.21
29th October 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.2,500Open or private sale133,944$142.89$357,212.75$19,138,601.83
5th November 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.2,500Open or private sale121,444$144.75$361,875.00$17,579,019.00
4th November 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.2,500Open or private sale123,944$144.42$361,050.00$17,899,992.48
7th November 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.7,500Open or private sale111,444$144.77$1,085,737.50$16,133,190.66
6th November 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.2,500Open or private sale118,944$144.01$360,033.25$17,129,517.96
1st August 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.3,372Open or private sale133,317$138.06$465,542.37$18,405,905.00
26th November 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.6,613Bona fide gift104,831$0.00
6th February 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.3,100Bona fide gift101,731$0.00
2nd March 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.3,466Payment by withholding98,265$162.01$561,526.66$15,919,912.65
30th June 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.4,000Bona fide gift94,421$0.00
31st August 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.32,372Payment by withholding128,943$228.91$7,410,274.52$29,516,342.13
31st August 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.66,894Grant/award etc.161,315$0.00
10th September 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.2,500Open or private sale98,943$208.56$521,387.50$20,635,057.37
10th September 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.4,500Open or private sale101,443$205.92$926,640.00$20,889,142.56
9th September 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.5,000Open or private sale105,943$213.00$1,065,000.00$22,565,859.00
9th September 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.8,000Open or private sale110,943$211.96$1,695,680.00$23,515,478.28
9th September 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.4,000Open or private sale118,943$210.01$840,040.00$24,979,219.43
9th September 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.6,000Open or private sale122,943$207.55$1,245,300.00$25,516,819.65